'Big Brother' Star Frankie Grande Is The Villain Now, But How Did We Get Here?

I hate to break this to all the fans of Frankie on Big Brother , but he's really turned out to be a very unlikable houseguest. When I first heard that he was going to be on the show, I was excited. Being Ariana Grande's brother was an intriguing hook, and his bright pink hair and fun poses in the first photos of the Big Brother cast made him seem like he would be a fun and wild guy. For the first couple weeks, Frankie was. He was outgoing and had a knack for creating catchphrases, especially when they involved a part of his name. And his showmance/bromance with Zach was adorable. But when you really think about it, Frankie is not that nice of a person.

Let's consider the facts. Remember when he instantly became besties with Victoria when they met in the Big Brother house? They even formed an early partnership, agreeing to work with each other in the game. And then about two seconds later, Frankie joined "The Bomb Squad," leaving Victoria high and dry. Okay, that's sort of understandable. You do have to play the game on Big Brother. But then Frankie put up Victoria for eviction during his reign as HoH Week One. Now that was just plain cruel. It was the first week and he could have chosen to put anyone up, and he nominates his supposed friend? Rude. Needless to say, lots of people were peeved that Frankie put up Victoria so soon after forming an alliance with her, as they should have been.

Victoria and Frankie seemed to have patched things up since then, but nowhere near the level of their honeymoon phase. Good for you, Victoria. Go and find some nicer friends.

Things got really out of control when Frankie started manipulating Zach. After Zach questioned Devin's gameplay, which Devin was not too jazzed about, Frankie encouraged Devin to put up Zach. That's cold, no? He then encouraged Zach to blow up at Devin at the Veto ceremony, which he must have known would only dig Zach's grave deeper. Then when Zach followed Frankie's "advice," Frankie was upset at him for throwing his name out there and affiliating him with the dissent in the house against Devin. So Frankie turned on Zach, and he's the one who's the victim in this situation? Frankie could have at least campaigned to keep Zach in the house, but he didn't really do that either, for whatever crazy reason. Has there ever been a more fickle friend than Frankie?

Luckily, Zach didn't go home, and Zankie is still in tact, no thanks to Frankie. CBS hasn't really shown all of Frankie's scheming, so many viewers probably still love him. However, some fans started tweeting how the live feeds paint a much more devious picture of Frankie.

Whether or not Frankie's recent behavior is part of some greater strategy to further his game with Zach, it seems like only a matter of time before Frankie partners up with another houseguest, promising to take him or her to the end. Perhaps it'll be Cody? Or maybe Frankie will even go back to Victoria — he did just recently gave her a back massage, after all, and reportedly told her that he thinks Zach is an "asshole" and they should just keep him around to do their "dirty work." Oh Frankie, you're such a heartbreaker.

Image: Lisette M. Azar/CBS