Who Is Mary Lynn Rajskub? The 'Fashion Police' Guest Star Is a '24' Fan Favorite

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Though most pop culture aficionados know her for her all too serious character Chloe O’Brian on 24, Mary Lynn Rajskub has done way more in her career than stand alongside Jack Bauer. She is also a stand-up comedian and has been in dozens of hilarious series and movies. But now, she's also entering the fashion world... if only for a day.

In fact, it's probably her sarcastic delivery and deadpan facial expressions that landed her a guest spot on Fashion Police Friday night alongside Lydia Hearst and the E!'s usual fashionista crew. What exactly does she know about the fashion industry? Well, she looks good on red carpets for one and she’s hilarious, so we know she's got the hilarious quip part down (and maybe she will surprise us with her fashion knowledge). Plus, if Joan Rivers can dish out fashion advice, so can a woman who's famous for wearing leather jackets, black eye-liner, and a funky bob. I’m pretty sure Jack Bauer would agree with me.

And because there's so much more to her than a character on 24 wearing a constant scowl, here's everything you need to know about this funny lady:

She Could Have Been The One Marrying Jim On The Office

I believe in something called the casting gods and I like to applaud them when they do their job accordingly. In this case, I believe the casting gods were right on the money because while I like Rajskub, I'm fairly certain that Jenna Fisher is the only person in the world who could pull off being Pam Beesly. Besides, could you imagine a world where Rajskub isn’t Chloe?

She Had An Awesome Podcast

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Rajskub had a Nerdist.com podcast called Kickin’ It Mary Lynn Style. And it was awesome. Although it ended in 2013, you can still listen to all of her hilarious interviews with people like Seth Green, Casey Wilson and Kaitlin Olson. Dear Nerdist, bring back Mary Lynn Style!

She Lives Life By Her Own Rules

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You might not assume this based on her cute family photo, but Rajskub and her husband eloped in Las Vegas. She just doesn't seem like the type to skip out on a big wedding, however in 2009, Rajskub and her personal trainer Matthew Rolph skipped town with 20 guests and wed at Planet Hollywood. Yes, that Planet Hollywood. "We didn't know that getting married at a casino in Vegas with Elvis could be so romantic. Our wedding was beautiful, spontaneous and intimate,” Rajskub said to People.

She's Worked With Ashton Kutcher... While Wearing Bubble Wrap

Rajskub has played some majorly memorable big screen bit characters. Everyone in their 20s probably saw Road Trip, right? Well, then they saw Rajskub playing Blind Brenda. And then there was Zelmina (above), one of the cult members of Zoltan in the Ashton Kutcher "classic" Dude, Where’s My Car. She also appears in early 2000s standbys like Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde, Little Miss Sunshine and Punch-Drunk Love.

Bottom Line: She Is Freaking Hilarious

Rajskub is constantly on the stand-up comedy circuit, so if you’re still on the fence about her comedy because you can't stop picturing her as her most famous character, get off the fence already.

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