Ariana Grande & Big Sean Could Give Beyonce & Jay Z a Run for Their Money

It might just be a tall tale (not to be confused with a tall ponytail), but rumor has it that 20-year-old “Problem” singer Ariana Grande may already be dating again. She just split from her second attempt at dating 19-year-old Jai Brooks, but now sources are whispering that the high-note hitting Grande is allegedly dating Big Sean. We all know that the two worked together on “Problem” and pretty much run in the same social circles (i.e. musical, famous), but The Hollywood Gossip reports that the two were spotted on a movie date in Florida Tuesday night. A fan sitting a row ahead of them even tweeted that the rapper and the singer made-out the entire time. Now while it’s still a rumor, let’s just go ahead and assume that the two weren’t watching Guardians of the Galaxy because they certainly wouldn’t be ignoring the funny and hunky Chris Pratt to suck face.

Grande seemed to allude to her split with Brooks in a tweet she posted on Monday, and it sounds like she has an optimistic outlook. She wrote, “Looking forward to all the good coming up…’s the only thing we should focus on.” Exactly what that “good” could be is anyone’s guess: Maybe she’s telling Brooks that she has one less problem without him. Maybe she’s just readying for a new month after everything she’s been through. Or maybe she’s got a new boo lined up.

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Big Sean could use a better August too for that matter. He broke off his engagement in April with Glee actress Naya Rivera, who surprised everyone by marrying Ryan Dorsey. As if that wasn’t a big sign that she wanted everyone to know she was over the rapper, Rivera married this new guy on the day she was originally slated to marry Big Sean. Maybe Grande and Big Sean found each other at the right time.

OK, so it could be a bunch of hooey, but if the two ever did couple up, they certainly have the makings of a new musical powerhouse couple. Though admittedly, a part of me is just saying that because those Bey and Jay divorce rumors are freaking me out and I need a new musical couple to focus on. Here’s how Ariana Grande and Big Sean can achieve powerhouse music couple status too:

Do a Duet with Each Other

johnmayerVEVO on YouTube

Because when musicians have feels, those feels cannot be contained. They must spill out in song. Just look at former couple John Mayer and Katy Perry. These two were so smitten that they sang a song about their love while sharing the same shot during a music video.

Wear Matching Denim Outfits

It's sort of like prom but on the next level. I mean, when someone asks at the party who you came with, you just point to your matching denim clad boo nearby. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake did this when they were an item and it will always been remembered.

Perform at Award Shows Together


Award shows set the stage quite literally for the perfect PDA moment. Take a note from Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's smooch on stage. It really seals the deal and also puts a cap on any performance.

Go on Tour Together


Sometimes when you're a powerhouse couple, it's hard to be separated for long stretches of time, and it sucks even more when you are both musicians. The best way to solve this and spend more time together is to make one big marriage tour! Because the couples who tour together will see each other everyday at work. Just look at Beyoncé and Jay Z.

I'm sure Big Sean and Ariana Grande can do it. Sure the relationship might just be rumored now, but with these steps and some denim ensembles, they too can be running a joint tour in a city near us.

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