Who is James Franco Dating? It Appears to Be Model Erin Johnson

There are three things James Franco loves above all else in this world. One is garnering academic accolades. Another is taking bed selfies. And, apparently, he also loves the company of models who take copious Instagram body shots. Therefore, it's no big surprise that the latest girl to attract James Franco girlfriend rumors is Erin Johnson, a model who is heavy into sexy pics. Seriously though, guys... they might be, like, boyfriend-girlfriend.

As Celebuzz reports, Johnson was seen disembarking a plane at LAX with Franco over the weekend. According to the website, Franco's assistant said that she was Franco's cousin, but I mean, come on. We're not that gullible. We know a Franco groupie when we see one.

But who is this blonde ingenue really? What do we know about her, and how has she captured the heart of America's favorite preternatural dirty old man? Just as you'd imagine, she also shares the same passion for lying languidly in bed taking photos of her face that James Franco does. Here's what we know about Franco's new mystery lady.

Ireland Baldwin could be her long-lost twin

Really, though.

Image: dj_ej/ Instagram

Crawling on the floor is amongst her favorite pastimes...

Especially when it’s a sexy model crawl.

Image: dj_ej/ Instagram

She's on the cover of the 'Tomb Raider' game

That’s the story according to her Model Mayhem page.

Image: dj_ej/ Instagram

She's a long-time Franco-phile

Apparently, she met Franco back in January of this year at a screening of his film Interior. Leather Bar. Their half-hug is already so intimate.

Image: dj_ej/ Instagram

No really, she's heavy into Franco

Obviously, she had to catch the love of her life looking moody in Of Mice and Men.

Image: dj_ej/ Instagram

His art is her religion

She saw Palo Alto, the film adaptation of Franco’s same-titled book, at the Tribeca Film Festival back in May. One would think a screening pass is the kind of perk a girlfriend would get, right?

Image: dj_ej/ Instagram

She hearts bed selfies

Just like J. Franks.

Image: dj_ej/ Instagram

Even in other people's beds

Exhibit B of model enjoying a bed selfie. I have a strange inkling that this picture was taken in James Franco’s bed.

Image: dj_ej/ Instagram

Whoa! Look at that!

That looks like the same bed, in the same room, with the same pillows. Just saying.

Image: James Franco/ Instagram