'Big Brother' Star Donny Thompson's Yearbook Photos Will Make You Love Him More

If you are a fan of this season's Big Brother, you are probably (you better be) a fan of Donny Thompson, the soft-spoken, Big Brother superfan from North Carolina. The unintentionally hilarious and kind contestant seems so genuinely elated to be playing the Big Brother game, that whenever he is on screen, you can't help but smile. Before Big Brother, Donny's claim to fame was being Kellie Pickler's high school janitor, so basically, he is pretty used to the spotlight.

But beyond that there is a never-ending list of reasons to like Donny. A few that come to mind: he is respectful, good-hearted, and has an awesome beard, in no particular order. When Donny pre-Duck Dynasty beard pictures were revealed, he was unrecognizable. And because the season is only halfway complete, we still might see Donny lose the beard and sport around a clean shaven face. But instead of waiting for the potential shave to happen, why not just look at old pictures of Donny from an old yearbook?

While it is not confirmed whether these photos are from when Donny was a janitor or not, it is most likely from around that time, due to the surrounding photos being of adults and not high school students. Another very important thing to note: Donny is still wearing his overalls, which makes us love him even more. We already knew that Donny was a consistently reliable man, since he said he eats Pop-Tarts every morning for breakfast, but seeing that he hasn't abandoned his overalls in the years between these photos being taken and Big Brother, proves that he is one loyal son of a gun (he would totally say that, wouldn't he?).

And how the tables have turned. Now Donny's signature overalls are Caleb's favorite clothing item to wear post-Amber eviction. Who would have thought that Caleb would one day be taking a page out of Donny's fashion book?

Definitely not Donny, that's for sure.

Images: CBS; BigBrocalypse/Tumblr