Which Charlotte Olympia Collection Is Cooler?

Shoe Designer Charlotte Olympia sure has been making a lot of fashion headlines lately — between her World Cup clutches (I want one, and I don't even follow sports), her Sleeping Beauty-inspired pumps (which Elle Fanning very thematically wore on the red carpet for Maleficent ), and her much-coveted Kitty Flats capsule collection, she's been making a lot of people's wishlists lately. The kitty flats in particular have been the talk of the town this past month — it seems like everyone from Brooklyn Nine-Nine's bad receptionist-in-residence, Chelsea Peretti, to fashion blogger extraordinaire/professional Man Repeller Leandra Medine owns (and loves) a pair.

Well, it's time to tease that poor, over-worked credit card once more: because Charlotte Olympia's Archie capsule collection is almost disturbingly cool. Which kind of begs the question, which is cooler? The ubiquitous kitty flats or her line of Archie-inspired accessories? It's a pretty tough choice: I mean, when you have the hippie kitty flats (they're orange with gold peace signs for eyes and I love them) in one corner, and a clutch featuring a vintage image of Betty and Veronica trading quick quips about skirt length in the other... it's sure to make for a very difficult decision. I mean, how can you possibly choose between:


And what about the party kitty flats (midnight blue and adorned with silver stars, they look like something straight out of a fairy tale) vs. what might just be the coolest pumps ever?


It's a a hard decision, no? (Insert Betty and Veronica love triangle pun here). Though I'm a lifelong Archie fan, my money (metaphorical, not literal, unfortunately) is on the kitty flats. What about you?

Images: Charlotte Olympia