Will Luca Della Casa Win 'Food Network Star'? Lenny McNab & Nicole Gaffney Are Close on His Tail

Yeah, whatever, I watch the Food Network everyday — get off my back. It's a great channel overflowing with delicious recipes that inspire the dream that I'll one day become a culinary genius and wow my friends at dinner parties. And although I usually forget about that dream by the time I flip the channel, it's all about the possibility of one day pretending to be Bobby Flay in my kitchen. Lucky for me, my inability to recreate edible masterpieces doesn't take away from the experience of watching any of the food-inspired shows, such as the current season of Food Network Star . (Obviously people would love a show on the Food Network that's all about creating a brand new show for the Food Network.)

UPDATE: Sunday night's finale revealed that Lenny McNab is the winner of Food Network Star, which means you'll be seeing more of his gourmet cowboy cooking on Food Network.

The time has come yet again for America to click a button and vote for who they think should host their own cooking show (what a freakin' prize). After weeks of on-screen challenges and cooking battles, three chefs have made their way to the finale: Lenny McNab, a gourmet cowboy with a penchant for flair; Nicole Gaffney, a personal chef with a love for coastal cuisine; and Luca Della Casa, a rugged Italian with an accent that makes you melt into your couch. The winner of the show, assuming they have that oomph of starpower that's needed, could manage to become the next Guy Fieri, sans frosted tips — he did win Season 2 of the show, after all.

Let's checkout which foodie has what it takes to win the job.

Lenny McNab

Well, McNab certainly has something that the other two contestants lack: A gigantic cowboy hat. And that hat isn't just a prop; it's a way of life. Throughout the season, McNab has truly brought his point of view home and proven that if he gets his own show, there will be enough gourmet-cowboy panache to last us a lifetime. What's great about McNab is that he's something the network doesn't have. I definitely don't recall ever watching a jolly, plump cowboy whipping up fancy-shmancy meals before.

Luca Della Casa

Oh boy. Della Casa is the curveball that no one saw coming. Well, they mostly didn't see him coming because he wasn't even there for half of the season. The charming Italian with dimples was originally eliminated from the show for lack of stage presence, but was able to cook his way back into the competition thanks to Star Salvation. And man, oh, man did he come back with a hell of a lot of gumption. Not only can he serenade the camera with a heartwarming story about his grandmother in Torino, Italy, but he can make you feel like he's your own personal Italian steed sent from the heavens to teach you about the love for food. In the end, I don't know if Della Casa is the best host, but his accent and seriously smokin' good looks have effectively tricked me into thinking that he's the one I want on my TV screen every day. And when it comes to voting, never doubt the power of attraction.

Nicole Gaffney

I've enjoyed watching Gaffney since day one. She's classically beautiful, and has a contagious smile. When I watch her, I truly believe that she loves what she's doing, and that she wants to teach people how to cook. Unfortunately for Gaffney, she's had problems in the past for her low-energy, and because she's quite similar to other women that already host their own shows, even one criticism can hold her back from winning the show.

So who'll take home the prize?

Unless the judges are looking to fill the empty cowboy slot in their line-up, then I've got a strong suspicion that the gorgeous Mr. Della Casa will be grabbing that coveted TV-host prize. He's just too swoon-worthy to ignore.

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