Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann's Paparazzi Fight on 'Don't Be Tardy' Has an Intense Ending — VIDEO

Kim Zolciak is now happily married to Atlanta Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann as well as a mother of four babies under the age of three – Kaia, Kane, Kash, and KJ – not to mention her two older daughters Brielle, 17, and Ariana, 12. With the birth of the twins, Kaia and Kane, under Kim's belt, the happy couple decided to escape the ATL for a few days and kick up their feet on the shores of Destin, Florida. And boy, do they deserve a little fun in the sun, but as we'll see in Thursday's new episode of Don't Be Tardy , it wasn't all smiles in Destin — and not just because most of the trip was plagued by bad weather.

A huge RV transported the Zolciak-Biermann clan in addition to Kim's assistant, a nanny for the younger babies, and a slew of friends. Packing clothes, bathing suits, bottles, and all of the essentials for six children plus herself and Kroy is definitely not easy, which prompted a purchase of a few extra Louis Vuitton bags to carry it all.

Kim also brought her entire wig collection, because obviously when you're on a trip of this caliber you need to have several different wig options.

It seemed, wigs weren't the only thing brought to Destin, but a side order of drama was served up courtesy of Kim and Kroy to a few unsuspecting paparazzi.

Kroy, who brought possibly the world's largest pair of binoculars to the beach, spotted the paparazzi snapping photos of him and his family while they enjoyed the one sunny day in Destin.

"F***er's got a camera," he says to Kim after seeing the photographers. "Go get him," Kim responds, and not even a second passes before Kroy runs off to confront the camera-wielding paparazzi.

The situation got heated instantly when the paps told Kim it wasn't illegal to take photos of them, despite being on a private beach property. Kroy and Kim went into Mama and Papa bear mode to protect their cubs, which is totally reasonable considering they had their children in tow and the paparazzi were trespassing on private property. It seems life as a celebrity isn't so luscious after all.

"I just wanna hang out, relax, and be a mom, " Kim says during her confessional. It's sad that celebrities don't really get a day off, but especially when they have children, paparazzi should respect certain boundaries. Take a look at the encounter and judge for yourself.

But there were plenty of good times to be had. Kim was lucky she didn't have to go camping during this particular family vacation, because she'd have access to no wigs, no cell service, and no Starbucks.

Some members of the Zolciak-Biermann family miss the trip already. Hopefully their next family vacation will have less drama.

Images: Bravo (5); Brielle Biermann/Instagram