You're Invited to His Fake Wedding!

by Arielle Dachille

Oh snap, guys. James Franco and Lana Del Rey are MARRIED! Nah, just kidding. However, Franco and Del Rey did just pull our legs in a pretty tremendous way. On Wednesday, James Franco joked that he got married to Lana Del Rey, in a cheeky caption of an Instagram picture. Really though, even if Franco was yanking the chain of celeb-watching society, he and Lana are kind of the perfect couple. While Franco is rumored to be dating a PYT model at the moment, we know he and Lana Del Rey are totally meant to be. Their wedding would be like the tortured-soul, Vice magazine rendition of the Kimye wedding, and it would make so much sense.

I can imagine their nuptials now. She would serenade him with a Del Rey-ified cover of "Stupid Cupid", and he would write a story about a fictionalized version of her hooking up with him at the Chateau Marmont. The decor would be inspired by David Lynch's films and Del Rey's "Ride" music video. One thing's for sure: the wedding planner would have a great time with this account. Let's play make believe, guys. You're invited to the hypothetical Franco-Del Rey wedding, and this is what you can look forward to on the big day.

Cheers to the happy couple

If this wasn't a joke, it would be the most fitting engagement photo. Everyone's so over it.

Wedding Invitations would go out over Instagram

Obviously, the text would be in that Perez Hilton-style, Microsoft Paint chicken scratch.

James & Lana would write their own vows

He would read some of his appropriate poetry...

Lana would just slightly tweak the voice over intro to "Ride." After all, James is obsessed with the video according to Instagram.

This would be Lana's Dress

Day of the Dead meets 1960s realness...

Swap out the veil for a Native American headdress.

James would wear a Batman costume instead of a Tux

The only top and tails you'll find him in is the shroud of the Dark Knight.

The reception would take place in a Twin Peaks black lodge style space

Agent Cooper, Laura Palmer, and the dancing man would all be in attendance.

No wedding cake, just apple pie

How good will this party be? SO good.

Image: James Franco (4), Lana Del Rey/ Instagram; Giphy