'NSYNC Is Reuniting FOR REAL, But What Should They Sing?

This week has been an emotional roller coaster for 'NSYNC fans (who I think should have a Belieber-esque name by now -- Timberladies? Hook, Line and Syncers? I'll work on it). First, we all got excited over a rumored reunion performance at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, then Lance Bass (sort of) shot us all down, then Joey Fatone's horrible airport acting and big-mouthed dad gave us hope again. And so here we are. It looks like the reunion performance is really happening, as E! reports that right now the only uncertainty is what they will sing.

That's a lot of pressure -- for every 'NSYNC member but Justin Timberlake, this might be the most important decision of their lives. After fading into obscurity sometime after all-denim outfits went out of style, the boy band singers now have their chance to remind the world that Bass, Fatone, JC Chasez, and Chris Kirkpatrick exist. Reportedly, the decision is between performing one song or a medley. Umm, guys. MEDLEY. Come on! How is this even a question?

We all know if they pick one song, it will be "Bye Bye Bye." That's fine, I love "Bye Bye Bye" as much as the next fan (Bye Bye Bitches?), but it's their biggest song and probably their most recognizable today. That's a bad thing. We want surprise and excitement and energy. We've been waiting 10 years, dammit! A medley is clearly the way to go, and while I'm no music producer, this my suggested set list.

1) Start with something big and popular, but not "Bye Bye Bye." Let's say, "It's Tearin' Up My Heart."

2) Keep up the energy with another big one, like "It's Gonna Be Me."

3) Throw in a smaller one, a shout-out to the hardcore fans. My personal suggestion: "Space Cowboy."

4) Gotta squeeze in a song from the final Dirty Pop album. "Pop" is the best bet, since "Celebrity" would just be awkward for the not-Justin members.

5) Everyone's been waiting, they're dying for it -- leave them with "Bye Bye Bye." Still the best song in history to say goodbye and close with.

6) Cue thunderous applause and tears. You're welcome, 'NSYNC.