9 Amazing Granola Recipes You’ll Actually Look Forward to in the Morning

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We get up in the morning for two reasons: coffee and breakfast. Between your rotation of adorable mugs and iced coffee gadgets, we’ll bet you already have the first down pat. But breakfast? That’s another story. Look, we don’t blame you for grabbing protein bars and pop tarts when you’re halfway out the door. The thought of making a respectable meal before noon is enough to bring anyone to tears. Still, you deserve better — and this is where granola comes in.

You know granola as the darling of health-food aisles. It’s got whole grains! Fiber! Healthy fats! But most importantly, granola is just a little bit sweet and a whole lot delicious — and it’s way too easy not to make at home. We’ll start you off with a classic, good-for-the-soul recipe: you’ll make it the night before, and it’ll be your morning superhero, all week long. Then, once you’ve mastered the basics, we want you to go wild. Throw in quinoa, chocolate, and almonds — there’s no topping too daring for this cereal. How’s that for the breakfast of champions?

Image: Cookie and Kate

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