Dancing Baby Groot is the Star of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' But Would He Win These 11 Dance-Offs?

If you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, then you're going to want to look away from this post. If you're still looking at this post, allow me to slap a huge spoiler alert on the rest of this paragraph. As most of us already know, Guardians of the Galaxy crushed the box office and one of the best parts of the movie — if not the best part — was Groot. The sentient tree creature was a great character in and of himself, but when he sacrifices his life to save his friends, Rocket plants one of his branches in a pot. Later, we see that Groot is slowly but surely growing back to life. Even better, Baby Groot starts dancing to some of Peter Quill's music in the most memorable scene in the film.

That was more than enough to make anyone who wasn't already clamoring for a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy immediately begin clamoring for a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. Drax the what? Gamora who? Peter "Star-Lord" Whosit? Rocket the whatnow? No. Baby Groot is the true star of this film. For something so young, Baby Groot really knew how to bust a move. Naturally, one has to wonder if he could win a dance-off even though he just learned how to dance.

If you stacked Baby Groot's dancing skills against these eleven people, who would win? Well, let's find out.

Baby Groot versus Rihanna

Winner: Groot. Sorry, Rihanna, but Baby Groot busting a move beats twerking every time.

Baby Groot versus Taylor Swift

Winner: Groot. Taylor Swift's awkward dancing might be a thing of legend, but Baby Groot's dancing skills have to be seen to be believed.

Baby Groot versus Vin Diesel

Winner: Groot. Sorry, Vin Diesel, but it's much cuter when Groot does it.

Baby Groot versus Emma Stone

Winner: Tie. Emma Stone and Baby Groot are both really good at letting loose — until someone turns around to actually look at them.

Baby Groot versus Joe Jonas

Winner: Groot. Joe Jonas does not get bonus points for badly imitating Beyoncé.

Baby Groot versus Wednesday Addams

Winner: Tie. Both Baby Groot and Wednesday Addams can really bust a move despite how young they are.

Baby Groot versus Lilo and Stitch

Winner: Groot. Lilo and Stitch might have family and Elvis Presley on their side, but Baby Groot grew bigger for the sole purpose of dancing. That's dedication.

Baby Groot versus Carlton Banks

Winner: Carlton Banks. Sorry, Baby Groot, but you don't have a dance named after you. Not yet, anyway.

Baby Groot versus Ariana Grande

Winner: Groot. Ariana Grande would have one less problem if she stopped challenging Baby Groot to dance competitions.

Baby Groot versus the Plastics

Winner: The Plastics. Mainly because I'm afraid of what Regina George will do to me if she doesn't win.

Baby Groot versus Beyoncé

Winner: Beyoncé. Because the answer to every question in life is Beyoncé.

Image: Marvel; Rebloggy (4); Giphy (8); lee-pace-everyday/Tumblr