'Guardians of the Galaxy's Baby Groot Plus 5 Other Unexpected Marvel Scene-Stealers

It could be argued that every guardian of the galaxy could be considered a break-out star of Guardians of the Galaxy. But there's really no contest when it comes to who was the cutest: That was [arguable spoiler alert, but you already read the headline] Baby Groot, dancing his little branchy butt off to Jackson 5's "I Want You Back." Dancing Baby Groot has swept the Internet; Dancing Baby Groot has triggered deep capitalistic urges. And Dancing Baby Groot is just beginning.

But Baby Groot, with all his grooviness, is not all that Marvel has to offer. There was an entire movie before him, if you can believe it! And so many movies before that! And so, as we relive our love of Baby Groot, it may also behoove us to remember that Baby Groot is not alone: There have been other scene-stealers in this era of the Marvel cinematic universe. There have been dramatic ones, such as Mark Ruffalo's performance as the Hulk in Avengers, and Iron Man's pretty much a study in how to just hand an entire movie over to a scene-stealer. Tom Hiddleston as Loki certainly stole some scenes, enough to garner him a very impressive, loving, and slightly terrifying following.

And so it's time to look back at some of the moments, characters, or just general things that have been unexpected (but great!) sidenotes in Marvel's cinematic history. And it's also time to use this all as an excuse to watch those dancing Groot gifs for longer than we already have.

Agent Coulson

"I thought his first name was Agent?" Before Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. gave him a platform to lead, Clark Gregg's Phil Coulson was a rallying supporting character in, well, a whole bunch of superhero movies. His scene-stealing moment(s) came in The Avengers, though, when he fanboyed all over Captain America and told him he liked to watch him while he slept. Then he "died" and basically stole the whole movie.


Much like Justin Bartha's role in National Treasure, pretty much the entire point of Kat Dennings' Darcy is to be a scene-stealer. She succeeds.


Mikey3200 on YouTube

Tony Stark had a hell of a hankering for schwarma in the final act of The Avengers. It became a "thing."

Everyone else in Guardians of the Galaxy

Let's face it, this is a movie built on funny and full of scene-stealers. Over-literal Drax's "[It will not go over my head], I am too fast, I would catch it"? Gold. Quill's climactic dance-off? Also gold.

Chris Evans' Butt

It was the butt-jiggle heard 'round the world.

Baby Groot wins, though

It's an infant tree dancing to Jackson 5. It's a CGI sapling that somehow made a whole bunch of people see the joy of human existence. It can't not win.

Sorry, Chris Evans' butt.

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