Frankie & Zach's Moms Weigh In On "Zankie"

by Samantha Martin

Many elements of this season of Big Brother are up for debate. Who's the hottest houseguest? The most athletic? Who's got the best strategy? Who's the oldest? Well, maybe not that last one. In terms of the most compelling showmance of the season, I think we can all unanimously agree that Zach Rance and Frankie Grande, or "Zankie," has got it in spades. Their timeless Big Brother tale may not reach first base — unless frequent spooning is a base — but it's a home run to viewers everywhere. Awwww.

Big Brother host Julie Chen has weighed in with her thoughts about Zankie, but there are two other women on this earth whose opinions of the match matter much more: their mothers. Jill Rance and Joan Grande — Zach and Frankie's respective mothers — have been chatting on Twitter and agree with the rest of the world that this match is built to last. As the mother of both Frankie and pop superstar Ariana Grande, Joan Grande already has a sizable Twitter following and loves to boast about her son. Zach's mama may be new to the "I'm the mother of a sorta famous person" Twitter game, but she's handling herself adorably and has retweeted a ton of people showing their own love for Zankie.

Check out some of the best tweets and exchanges from the proud parents.

From Jill Rance

From Joan Grande

I think most Big Brother fans would agree with them both.

Image: CBS