We Designed Zankie's Dream House

by Samantha Martin

If you're even a casual watcher of Big Brother, you are well aware of the season's most compelling showmance: Zach and Frankie. "Zankie," as they're collectively referred, have been getting bromantic since the beginning, and things have grown steamier since. Rarely are they seen together doing anything that doesn't involve flirting, cuddling, or spooning. Despite his frequent reminders that he is heterosexual, Zach proudly calls Frankie his "boyfriend," and on Thursday night, they talked about moving in together.

Naturally, this conversation launched my imagination into an alternate universe where Zach and Frankie do, in fact, live together. In this universe, one of them wins Big Brother , so they have room to splurge a bit on interior design. Here's what would definitely be included in their dream house.

The Color Pink

Zach's love of pink may be more subtle than Frankie's, but it is still potent. I picture splashes of pink in every room, with one room being 100 percent pink. This room also serves as "The Diary Room." Their love of the color will put them at peace enough to have a safe space to unleash their true feelings.

A Hammock

Zach and Frankie have spent some magical times on the BB hammock. After a long day spent being unemployed and Ariana Grande's brother, respectively, a hammock is the perfect way for these two to wind down and reconnect. NOTE: The hammock is pink.

A Ceiling Mirror

Both members of Zankie clearly have no qualms with their physiques. On top of that, like anyone who willingly signs up for a show where cameras follow you 24/7, they both have egos. Ergo, this is definitely the kind of couple that has mirrors everywhere, including the ceiling (perhaps of the bedroom?).

A Really Comfortable Bed

Because these two spend a LOT of time in bed together. It doesn't need to be a king bed, necessarily; Zankie knows how to get compact. NOTE: The bed is pink.

A Dance Studio

Frankie is a professional dancer, so he's definitely going to want a practice room. Obviously Zach joins in on the fun Dirty Dancing-style once or twice. NOTE: The Dance Studio is pink.

A Put Put Course

Not only would a backyard mini golf setup satisfy Zach's love of golf, but it would also be a fun way for Zankie to play for household rewards, like not having to do the dishes or not having to do the laundry or getting to be the little spoon. We won't include the NOTE this time. You get it. It's pink.

A Chenovision

That's a television that Julie Chen can access at will to check on Zankie. She loves Zankie. We love Zankie. Viva Zankie.

Images: CBS; queenofnc17, zankiegrance/Tumblr; weddingbellklaine