London Added to Kim Kardashian iPhone Game But No, You Can't Become a Lord Like Scott Disick

In case you hadn't heard, Kim Kardashian's iPhone game has gone to London. The newest free app update brings you a whole new city to explore: with clubs to party at, people to meet, and sights to see. If you managed to locate the mythical gate 16 at JFK and had enough money to pay for the $65 plane ticket (what I would do to live in a world where a trip to London costs less than $100) then you will find yourself in one of England's chicest cities. But what is there to do in the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood version of London?

If you're hoping to get a royal title like Lord Scott Disick did on his trip to England in 2012, then you'll be sorely disappointed. Instead Kim's London offers what all the other game's locations offer: a club for appearances, a house for sale, and an office where you will get job opportunities.

You can also do some sightseeing, if that's your thing. There's a double decker bus that rolls by every few seconds and Big Ben is chilling in the background. There's also a red phone booth, because of course. That's all London is to Kim: Big Ben, buses, and phone booths. It's like she has never properly toured London before.

Oh wait, she hasn't properly toured before. That one time on Keeping Up With the Kardashians she traveled there and dragged friend Jonathan Cheban to a bunch of work events when he just wanted to pal around with Scott Disick.

(I also really want to pal around with Scott Disick. Can this game please make that happen? Or can Scott make his own game or something?)

Kim was such a workaholic in London that it's no wonder 66 percent of the game's new location is made of places you have to work at. Here's what Kim's version of London has to offer you.


Here you'll meet Sir Malcolm Addison who looks a lot like the Mr. Banks, the dad from Mary Poppins. (Kim's knowledge of English culture runs very deep.)


Pop on over to London's hot Club Tulip, home of many future appearances and expensive dates. It may look drab on the outside but it's a party on the inside!


For the low, low price of $8,000 or 40 K stars you can own a London residence with a cricket set leaning against the gate, just so everyone playing knows that this is meant to be England. The interior of the house is all white with a horse sculpture on the mantel. Just in case the cricket set wasn't enough of a clue that you're in England. Really. For real.

So that's about all there is to do while you stay there: work or purchase a home. Don't forget to also tap away at the pigeon, phone booth, and cricket set for some added rewards. And keep an eye out for Kate Middleton! (Just kidding, but that would be too awesome.)

Cheerio and enjoy your stay in the City of Lights and Dreams (a.k.a the city of a lot of work events)!

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (7); Huffington Post; pandawhale