'Big Brother's Frankie Is Going To Reveal Ariana Grande Is His Sister, But Will It Save Him?

One of the most anticipated moments of Big Brother this season is finally here. No, not the winner being announced, and no, not Zankie becoming official. Frankie is ready to reveal that he is Ariana Grande's brother. Take it in, because this is not a drill, I repeat, NOT a drill. We've been teased all season knowing Frankie is Ariana's brother; for someone who wants to hide the fact, he talks about Ariana an awful lot. But we've watched Frankie skate around telling the houseguests enough, the time is here and they are about to find out.

When Frankie won Head of Household, he was only given baby photos of Ariana, helping in hiding the fact that he had a famous sister. But, the guy could only keep it in for so long, am I right? Knowing how Frankie is Ariana's number one fan, he has to be struggling a lot to keep the secret in for so long. At times, I thought Victoria, a self-admitted Ariana Grande fan, was going to bust Frankie for his secret. She follows Ariana on Instagram, and has probably seen photos of Frankie before entering the house, it seemed that she had to know. But Victoria never said anything, allowing Frankie's secret to be safe another day.

But now, after Thursday's crazy double eviction that left Zankie broken up, Frankie has found himself to be in the hot seat, nominated to play in Battle of the Block, with a huge target on his back. So it doesn't really seem like a coincidence that he is just now deciding to maybe share his little fun fact about his sister.

While Frankie's innocent comment might come off as a brother hearing, "You can do this, Frankie!" in his head, it is more probable that Frankie is actually hearing Ariana's new song "Break Free" in his head. He then continued to say this:

Frankie knows that Victoria is a huge Ariana Grande fan, so it is not surprising that he singles Victoria out on the upcoming surprise. But with Frankie potentially going home (well, to Jury House) this week, is he going to tell his secret because he wants to try and save himself, or because he wants to get everything off his chest? Or maybe he doesn't think it will influence his game at all, and he just changed his mind. Changing their minds seems to be something the houseguests are pros at this season, so sure, let's say Frankie just changed his mind.

Images: Frankie J Grande/Instagram