'Big Brother's Victoria Could Reveal Frankie & Ariana Grande's Connection, Because She Knows, Right?

In case you haven’t heard, Big Brother houseguest Frankie is Ariana Grande’s brother. Oh, that’s right, Frankie reminds America of his little sister almost as much as Devin reminded us of his daughter... almost. None of the houseguests are on to Frankie’s true identity, with the possible exception of Victoria, the Kim Kardashian of the Big Brother house.

Frankie loves Ariana, as do millions upon millions of fans around the world, but for the sake of his game, he doesn’t want to spill that he has a pop star sister. And even though he isn’t admitting that Ariana is his sister, that doesn’t mean he can’t talk about her nonstop. What better person to talk about Ariana Grande with than someone who claims to be “obsessed” with her, like Victoria? The two of them realized their mutual adoration for Ariana last week when Frankie was singing a relatively unknown song of Ariana’s and Victoria called him out on it. Since then, Victoria has been pretty nosey when it comes to learning more about Frankie’s sister, "Ari."

Last week, when Frankie was telling the house about Ari, Victoria decided to play an informal game of 20 questions regarding his sister. Here’s how the interrogation went down.

When Frankie tried to divert the conversation to his brother, Victoria completely cut him off and steered the questioning back to his sister, asking mostly about what she looks like. And when explaining how excited she was to see photos, she looked right at Frankie with a huge grin.

Fast-forward to Frankie’s HOH room reveal, when the chance that the secret would get out was on all of our minds. Frankie’s room didn’t have any current photos of Ariana, something the houseguests noticed, but didn’t think much of. It wasn’t until Frankie started reading his letter from his sister that, boom, the cameras flash to Victoria as if she knows what “his sister” really means.

So what does it mean for Frankie’s game if Victoria knows his famous connection? It’s not going to further her game that much by exposing it to the house, nor does she have an agenda to ruin Frankie’s game, so chances are if she knows, she won’t be announcing it to the house at the next house meeting. The only benefit for Victoria knowing is that she’d probably get to hear some really awesome stories about Frankie and Ariana’s adorable relationship. And judging by Frankie’s Ariana-filled Diary Room sessions, he would be more than willing to tell her all about it.

Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS; CBS