What to Wear to a Miley Cyrus Concert

At this point, Miley Cyrus might be better known for her wacky craft lady persona on social media than for her musical abilities. But we can't forget that she's still the girl who brought Hannah Montana to life, twerked on Robin Thicke at last summer's VMAs, and serenaded the world with "Wrecking Ball." The bottom line — Miley Cyrus puts on a good show.

The Disney star-turned-DIY aficionado kicked off her 59-stop Bangerz tour in February 2014 to much fanfare and she's been going strong throughout the summer, with the final date of the tour slated for October 23rd at the Perth Arena in Perth, Australia. Planning an elaborate trip overseas to watch Miley wag her tongue around on stage while wearing a money-printed jumpsuit? Then you're probably wondering what the heck you should wear.

It's tricky to dress for a pop concert when you're a grown up, especially the concert of a girl — woman — you've watched transform from wide-eyed country singer to raunchy sexpot. You don't want to dress like a preteen, but this is Miley we're talking about here. Leave the pearls and sweater set at home (unless that sweater set is see-through and has pot leaves covering the nipples) and try one of these outfits instead.

1. Casually Wild

A crop top and an oversized pair of Jackson Pollock-y jeans is the perfect silhouette for a Miley show. Like an outfit she would wear in a video, this ensemble is equal parts sexy and silly with a hot pink bow and loads of stackable rings. An understated shade of lipstick will prevent you from blending in with a sea of twelve year olds.

2. Sexy Black and Pink

Looking to amp up the hotness factor? A well-placed cutout on a black dress will do the trick, but opt for a flared silhouette in stead of body con — you want to be free to jump around when "We Can't Stop" starts up. This isn't the time for your Serious Stilettos (again: jumping) so opt for hot pink flats and load up on whimsical accessories like a daisy crossbody bag and a cheeky cat ring.

3. Laid Back Rock 'n Roll

You might prefer to keep it relaxed at concerts since crowds often = unpredictable disaster. Can't go wrong with a tee and cutoffs, I always say. Leave the Hannah Montana shirt you've had for a decade at home and pay homage to Miley in a more subtle way. We all know how much Miley likes her tongue, so the lip graphic on this t-shirt is the perfect piece of fan apparel. Pile on the layers and accessories, capping off your tribute with jelly sandals that are both comfortable and stylish. 4. Hoedown Throwdown

Before the days of twerking, Ms. Cyrus was just a good 'ole country girl. If her current wacked out style isn't for you, channel the "Party in the USA" Miley of yore with a sweet patterned dress, earthy accessories, and cowboy boots (perfect for kicking fainting preteens out of your path). Don't forget to be generous with the eyeliner for makeup that's a little more rock 'n roll.

5. Girl of the 21st Century

Like Zenon before her, Miley is a modern woman. And so are you. That means you can combine a hot metallic leather skirt with an even hotter lace crop top, wedges, and a comic-book inspired hair accessory. Who says sexy ladies can't have a sense of humor? Anchor the look with a simple red blazer and geometric pocket book. You'll be coming in to that concert venue like a wrecking ball, all right.

Images: Polyvore