The 'Bachelor in Paradise' Resort in Tulum Isn't Going To Pop Up On TripAdvisor: It's Custom

ABC's latest love-themed reality event, brand new series Bachelor in Paradise , comes hot on the heels of a surprising Bachelorette finale and threatens to give us Bach-fatigue. But I'm in for Bach in Paradise, if only because the rules are impossible to understand and all of the behind-the-scenes Bachelor in Paradise gossip has said that while it is edited to seem fun and exotic, in reality it was a huge mess. We've already seen the attack of the fire ants when Robert Graham and Clare Crawley visited the Tulum ruins on their date, and presumably things get crazier from there. But if that doesn't bother you and you're just dying to vacation in the same spot that the cast did, get ready: They're staying in Tulum, Mexico, at a resort called Casa Palapas.

Casa Palapas marries the old-fashioned thatched roof huts tourists used to stay in with the high quality most modern tourists are accustomed to. They proudly don't have technology like TVs or even air conditioning, keeping the rustic feel, but the place is breezy and clean, with big windows and private beaches. It's pretty sweet digs for a reality show, though the picturesque white linens and king-sized beds on their website are pretty different than the kid sized, brightly patterned bunk beds each room comes with on BiP.

That's always been a curiosity of mine. Do they bring those bunk beds with them, or do hotels, rented mansions, and tropical locales have a huge supply of preteen furniture tucked away in storage for just this occasion? But big bed or bunk bed, the resort looks beautiful, though maybe if the cast had access to the high class dining or spa treatments of bigger, more modern resorts, they'd seem a little less on edge.

While the buildings may have been provided by Casa Palapas, the Bachelor in Paradise set was designed by Angelic Rutherford and the rest of the Bachelor production design team. (Maybe she's the one who brings the bunk beds?) She's definitely the one who decided on the shabby-chic, old Mexican blanket color and fabric scheme.

But the real star is Tulum itself, not the resort. While the Bachelor in Paradise cast is plagued by some heavy clouds and choppy waves in the premiere episode, when the sun comes out, the water is bright blue and the sand is practically white. Most of the cast spend their time on the beach, swimming, or in some sort of cabana right nearby. We haven't gotten the chance to explore much of the location yet, though it looks like the show is keeping the group in pretty close quarters, probably to encourage as much flirting as possible.

The dates have all been nature-themed so far — horseback riding, cave diving, and the aforementioned ant-avoiding. Tulum is mostly known for its ancient Mayan ruins which, along with its picturesque beaches, have made it a growing tourist attraction. Tulum has gone from a sparsely populated town to a built up area that has a burgeoning city center with restaurants, gyms, and many resorts competing for business. By the end of Bachelor in Paradise , Casa Palapas very well may gain an edge by adding "romance" to its list of attractions.

Image: Francisco Roman/ABC; Dreams Resort/Instagram