Mayim Bialik Hosts 'Candid Camera', Stars on 'The Big Bang Theory,' & Runs a Very Honest Parenting Blog

As a rule, I don't read parenting or mommy blogs. This is probably because I'm not a parent. These sites aren't geared toward me, and I would prefer to excommunicate any thoughts of child rearing to the far, far recesses of my mind for as long as possible — preferably until I've established a career, found a partner, and practiced on several pets. (At this point, it looks like I'll have the time to start thinking about kids around when I turn 60.) But for The Big Bang Theory actress and new Candid Camera co-host Mayim Bialik, being a mom is an amazing experience. Bialik started her own blog on Kveller, a Jewish parenting site, to tell her fans all about her life as a mother of two.

The former Blossom star has always been upfront about her commitment to her religion, and on the site — which is named after the Yiddish verb for "to be proud" — she combines stories about her sons, Miles and Frederick, with explanations of Jewish culture and how it can be applied to parenting, as well as news from her personal life. In a recent article she discussed the struggles of finding a dress to wear to the Emmys on Aug. 25, especially because, as she puts it, "I may be the 'fattest' woman in Hollywood since I’m not a size 0 or 2," and because, as a commitment to her faith, she doesn't wear pants, skirts above the knee, or sleeveless tops. Bialik has said that she follows many of the tenets of Jewish Modern Orthodoxy, including tznius (or modesty), and because of these beliefs, she has had to develop her own red carpet style.

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In recent weeks, some of Bialik's posts have become more political, sharing her support for Israel in the wake of escalating violence in the region. But most of the time, she writes about her family in a style that, at first glance, seems like typical LA celebrity lifestyle blogger fare: Bialik praises the wonders of veganism, homeschooling her sons, and "attachment parenting," a philosophy that advises parents to keep close contact with their children as much as possible, including carrying them in slings instead of strollers, and encourages the whole family to sleep in one bed together.

Bialik is clearly a very strong believer in attachment parenting and other "natural" child rearing theories. According to E!, she gave birth to her younger son Frederick at home, then her first son Miles (who was three years old at the time) cut the umbilical cord. She also does not believe in giving her children antibiotics or even Tylenol, and they have not been vaccinated. She spoke about breastfeeding older children, what attachment parenting means to her, and her blog in a CNN interview.

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As I read more of Bialik's articles, I came to respect her honesty when it comes to the details of her life as a mother and a person in the public eye. Whatever your opinions are on her parenting choices, it's clear from the interview and from her blog that she's done a lot of research into how to raise her children. The fact that's she's so knowledgable shouldn't come as a surprise: Bialik has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UCLA. Apparently, playing her brainy Big Bang Theory character Amy Farrah Fowler is not a huge stretch.

On Kveller, Bialik discusses the ways in which being a scientist informs her religious life, and how both these passions influence her parenting. Throughout her blog, she gets more personal than almost any other celebrity I can think of. She discusses her regrets as a mother, recovering from hand surgery, and her decision never to shave her body, and she does it all without irony, sarcasm, or attempts to make her life seem any cooler than her readers' — even though it probably is. So take note, Goop and Preserve: it is possible to build a personal blog without recapping your most recent Hamptons getaway or shilling pricey cookware. Sometimes, keeping it real works just fine.

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