'Big Brother's Frankie Grande Won the Battle of the Block Alone, So He Might Be Unstoppable

After weeks of successfully appearing to be everyone's best friend, Frankie Grande became the Big Brother house's number one enemy. Well, most of the house's enemy. After Thursday's double eviction blindsided Nicole and sent Hayden to the jury house, Frankie became Nicole's target, and Caleb was immediately on board when he heard that Frankie was a huge part of the reason Amber went home. So when the time came for Nicole to nominate two houseguests for evicton, she chose Frankie and Caleb, with the guarantee that Caleb would throw the Battle of the Block to ensure Frankie would stay on the block.

It seemed like the perfect plan, until Frankie revealed his own inner beast mode cowboy and won the competition completely on his own. And if the viewers at home were surprised, it didn't come close to the shock felt by all of the Big Brother houseguests, including Frankie himself.

When he first realized that Caleb would be throwing the competition moments before it started (because apparently Frankie can read minds now), Frankie seemed downright terrified. He begged Caleb to change his mind and put his lies behind them, but Caleb refused and told Frankie he'd have to "move the chains" himself. And that's exactly what he did. While Donny and Zach worked as a team to complete the football-themed challenge, Frankie worked alone and managed to beat them at the very last minute.

Frankie seemed shocked and ecstatic all at the same time, while everyone else shared his shock, but also seemed pretty nervous — and in Zach's case, angry. Frankie is now safe for the week, and he not only knows that he's a target in the house, but exactly who wants him out. After the competition, Frankie decided that it was time to tell the other houseguests that Ariana Grande is his sister and since he's safe, it makes for interesting timing.

Does Frankie think that since he's already a target, telling the truth won't make such a difference? Or is he hoping that the reveal will get him back in everyone's good graces? In the end, being Ariana's brother might not affect Frankie at all. If he can win a Battle of the Block completely on his own, he shouldn't have any problem winning more Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions.

The other houseguests might want to think about how they can get Frankie back on their sides, because he just might be unstoppable.