Taylor Swift Reveals Her Surprise & The Answer Is Not At All What We Were Expecting

Taylor Swift has been dropping a whole lot of clues about her next single or album that have been driving her fans crazy. Then again, just waiting for her next single or album has been driving her fans crazy. It all started when Swift posted an Instagram photo with the caption, "So here's your first clue..." and it was just her finger pressing the button 18 on an elevator repeatedly. This was followed by Swift posting a caption of someone's iPhone showing a time of 5:00. Her final clue was a picture of the Yahoo website and that really should have tipped us off as to what was coming. As it turns out, Swift wasn't teasing her next single or album. Instead, Taylor Swift is doing a livestream on Yahoo on August 18 at 5:00 p.m. and New York City fans can win a chance to be there to see her.

I hate to be that person, but am I the only one who was kind of disappointed by this? Swift's last album, Red, came out two years ago and the only thing we know about her next album so far is that it will be released at the end of 2014. While there's no real doubt that Swift's livestream performance will feature her either announcing new information about her upcoming album or performing the first single from it, it's a little disappointing that we don't know anything more about the single or the album than we did before.

Of course, having Swift give the news to her fans live and in person rather than posting about it on Instagram or Twitter or her website is a nice surprise in and of itself. We might have been misdirected into thinking she was giving us clues about either the album or the single, but a live appearance by Swift is just as good. Swift is not in the habit of disappointing her fans and she knows just how badly they want her next album; this surprise makes it clear that she's ready to start giving it to them.

Considering Swift fans have been waiting for two years for her next album, then waiting seven more days to hear about it won't hurt. Taylor Swift's Worldwide Livestream debuts on Yahoo on Monday, August 18th. Keep your fingers crossed that this means there will finally, finally be some new Swift music in our immediate future.

Image: taylorswift13/Twitter