Was 'Big Brother' Star Frankie's Battle of the Block Win Rigged by CBS? A Lot of Fans Seem To Think So

Sunday's Big Brother was highly anticipated by fans of the show, who would finally be able to see how exactly Frankie Grande won the Battle of the Block by himself. Frankie, as he said himself on Sunday's episode, was public enemy number one in the house after being exposed for playing both sides of the house (which technically is part of the game), so winning the Battle of the Block was absolutely necessary for him to stay. Nicole, Zach, Caleb, Derrick, and Cody all planned for Beast Mode Cowboy to volunteer himself to go up next to Frankie so he could throw the Battle of the Block competition, hopefully leading to Frankie's eviction. Caleb, still reeling from Amber's eviction a week prior, wanted to evict Frankie because he had a huge part in Amber's eviction. Yes, he is still talking about Amber.

Everything seemed pretty locked into place for the houseguests to make sure Frankie was evicted this week. Caleb had practiced his speech he was going to give Frankie many times for the houseguests — he already planned to just sit down in the middle of the competition — and executed it exactly as planned. Unfortunately, their plan ran into a bit of a road block because the competition they were playing almost seemed to work better for one person. And as we saw last night, Frankie was able to walk away with the win, much to a handful of the houseguests' dismay.

Frankie's solo win caused a lot of viewers to start questioning if the game had been rigged for him to win. After all, first there was an incentive for Caleb to actually play in the competition, by winning a trip outside of the house, and then the game they were actually playing seemed to be better suited for one person. A lot of fans of the show brought up the fact that a very similar competition had been played in Big Brother 14, but it was played by just one person, instead of two.

Although Sunday's Battle of the Block was played at a much larger scale, there is no denying that the two games are very similar in structure and technique. Immediately after the competition, Frankie decided it was time for him to reveal his real identity outside of the house. A lot of Twitter users and fans of the show didn't see that as a coincidence, and decided to voice their concerns that the game was indeed rigged to allow Frankie another week of safety inside of the house.

Devin Shepherd, a former houseguest on Big Brother 16 (you remember him, right? He invited the entire world into The Bomb Squad alliance?), took to Twitter to negate any questions of the game being rigged.

While I hate to agree with Devin, I am not so sure the game was actually rigged for Frankie to win. I'd like to believe that the game of Big Brother is as we see it, and production wouldn't influence the game that much, just to keep Frankie around.

Image: CBS