'Big Brother' Caleb's Goodbye Message to Amber Was Surprisingly Tame

After weeks of buildup that wavered between uncomfortable and downright terrifying, Caleb and Amber's non-relationship on Big Brother ended about as well as it could've. After Amber was evicted on Thursday night, she gave a calm speech in which she wished the other houseguests nothing but the best, and gave some goodbye hugs (but not to Caleb). Even after she walked out of the house to meet Julie Chen, there was still one last chance for Caleb to do something horrible: his goodbye video. We all braced ourselves for the worst and then... Nothing.

After talk of screaming at her in front of America on the live show and a bizarre plan to hand her a pickle in a banana peel on her way out the door (because symbolism), Caleb did nothing. It was a huge relief to see none of Caleb's creepy, threatening plans come to fruition — perhaps he thought his own vote against Amber said enough. It would've been nice to see Amber somehow blow up Caleb's game as revenge for his awful treatment of her over the past few weeks, but she took the high road because she's a classy lady.

After discussing her time in the house with Julie, in which Amber continued to keep it classy, the goodbye videos started. After a touching goodbye from Donny, Caleb's video came on the screen, and it might've been one of his least scary speeches yet.

I know you're an amazing person, I'm glad I met you, our conversions were always great. But at the end of the day, Amber bamber, I'm still the king of this house and the slipper just don't fit no more my queen. Have a safe trip home.

Even if Caleb was king of the house (which he is most certainly is not) Amber never was and never would be his queen. Aside from that, however, the speech was tame. He complimented her in a non-creepy way and said goodbye. That's more than anyone expected from the beast mode cowboy.

Of course Amber had her own response, one that unfortunately Caleb couldn't hear: you're next. Based on what the houseguests have been saying, we won't get to see what Caleb is like without Amber in the house for very long — but I doubt anyone would complain about that.