Katy Perry & John Mayer's Duet Is Awesome, and We Can't Believe We Just Said That

Because there's no such thing as a release date anymore, we've all heard Katy Perry's new song "Roar" already, and now, Katy Perry and John Mayer's single "Who You Love" has been leaked. The single is from Mayer's album Paradise Valley, which is set to drop on August 20, and the duet was leaked last night.

Unlike "Roar", though, Mayer's track "Who You Love" doesn't seem to rip off any other artist (Perry was accused of janking Sara Bareilles's song "Brave"), but it does sound strangely, heartwarmingly familiar. Mayer and Perry's duet is like something that could've been on Mayer's Continuum, which, yeah, I'll say it, was a great fucking album. The soft vocals, the strong guitar licks, the reflective, modest tone — "Who You Love" has all the best parts of every song on Continuum, and none of the worst parts of some of the trying-too-hard tunes on Battle Studies, or worse, Born and Raised.

Plus, Katy's on the track! Katy's on the track! This couple has the potential to be the worst, most annoying pairing in the history of the world, but somehow, they've managed to stay relatively under the radar. They've sat next to each other at events and walked some red carpets together, but other than that ... not much. I shudder to think what this pairing would've been like in 2005, but since Mayer seems to have matured after spending some time in the desert, and, you know, turning 35, he and Katy have remained surprisingly inoffensive.

And that inoffensiveness carries into their duet. It's catchy. It's sweet. It's something you want to hear more than once. What can I say, guys? This shit be good.