Did 'Teen Wolf' Lydia's Grandma Write The Dead Pool? She Seems To Know A Lot About Beacon Hills

Damn. And I thought my parents grounding me was bad. Teen Wolf' s Season 4 episode "Time of Death" showed us that family is not all it cracks up to be with Malia Tate finding out more information about her real parents (from her real father Peter), and revealed that Lydia Martin's grandmother is linked to the dead pool list used by The Benefactor to kill off supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills. Really puts some of your lighter family problems into perspective doesn't it?

While Lydia's mother tries to get her daughter to start talking to her about the mysterious activities she engages in with her weird wolf pack friends, the two Martin women find out that Lydia's grandmother's urn is doesn't actually contain a person's ashes. Instead, it is filled with mountain ash, and the entire house is made with mountain ash. But then there's a bonus twist! Lydia's mom gives her a copy of her grandmother's scribbles and the young banshee realizes that her grandma is writing in code, the same code used in the dead pool. So not only could Lydia's grandma be alive, she seems to know a lot more about Beacon Hills' supernatural goings on than anyone else. What exactly does this mean for the Martin family and the future of the dead pool/The Benefactor? Well the promo for next week gives us some hints into possible plot progression for the rest of the season.


Here we find out that Lydia's grandmother basically wrote the code that the dead pool uses. Now before we jump to any conclusion and just say matter-of-factly that Lydia's grandma is The Benefactor, let's take a deep breath and think about this theory. If Lydia's grandma is still alive, why would she be hiding? Why would she make a house completely out of mountain ash? And why wouldn't she want to protect her granddaughter, especially if she knows about this dead pool and how Lydia's name is on it? Maybe she really is The Benefactor. Or maybe there's more to the story. Because on Teen Wolf, there's always, always more to the story.

I have a hard time believing Lydia's grandmother is The Benefactor without there being more information about her backstory, her identity, her relationship with her family, and so many more plot details that have yet to be revealed. Sure, Allison's grandfather Gerard was an evil person, but I still want to hold out before accusing Lydia's grandmother. Innocent until proven guilty you guys, even on a show as dark as Teen Wolf.

Image: MTV