'Shark After Dark's Taryn Southern Is The Nerdy Co-Host We Deserve

Shark Week is here. And so are your handy Shark Week Guides. You might remember her from 2013's installment, and Shark After Dark's social media host Taryn Southern has returned. While you're busy getting the house all decorated for your sharky party or geeking out with your favorite shark memorabilia, don't forget to plan around the actual programming of Discovery's week dedicated to everyone's favorite undersea terror. You and your equally shark obsessed friends will especially want to make room for Discovery Channel's late night chat show starring Southern a whole roster of celebrities alongside real live shark experts, Shark After Dark.

Last year, Southern and the rest of the Shark After Dark Live team garnered a whopping 1.19 million viewers beating a lot of established late night shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Conan. There's definitely something there if you can beat out mainstays with thousands of fans and several years under their belt.

So who is Southern and what is she doing delivering you a late night recap of all things social and Shark Week? For one, Discovery is keen on making the whole affair an interactive television event, which is why Shark After Dark encourages the audience to talk back at the show's guests and weigh in on discussion points. But what else do we know about the young social expert?

She's A YouTube Star

Taryn Southern on YouTube

She posts some charmingly funny videos like the one above about all of her nerdy failures including forgetting her lyrics when making it on to American Idol, failing at programming her own Beanie Babies website, and having weird eyebrows.

She Made It To American Idol (And Bombed)

Taryn Southern on YouTube

Speaking of the whole American Idol thing, Southern wowed enough in Idol auditions to make it to the Top 50, but later forgot her song lyrics and was sent home. A good sport, she went on to reference the incident when independently releasing her own single.

Her Twitter Feed Is As Delightful As Her Youtube Channel

You'd expect nothing less from a social media specialist. Southern's feed is filled with fun behind the scenes from the show, some highlights from her Youtube goings on, and of course fan calls for all things shark related she can use on the show.

She's Guested on A Bunch of TV Shows

Taryn Southern on YouTube

Not all Youtube stars crossover to the small or big screen, but Southern has appeared on shows like New Girl, Rules of Engagement, and Guys with Kids. She's also had bit movie roles, like a reporter in Battle Los Angeles.

She Was "Hot" For Hillary

Taryn 2.0 on YouTube

Southern produced a parody video inspired by the success of Obama Girl where she professed her love for Hillary Clinton. I have no doubt we'll get renewed mileage out of this in the upcoming presidential race.