Drake Cost an NBA Team $25,000 But Don't Worry, He Can Make It Up To Them

Clearly Drake's words are worth a whole lot of money, and that's not just because people purchase his music by the pound. Because of something Drake said, the NBA fined the rapper's beloved Toronto Raptors $25,000. Drake got totally caught up in the game during his fifth-annual OVO Fest and made a case for why NBA star Kevin Durant should join the Raptors next season. Unfortunately, this is one time where he would've been better off keeping his passionate pleas to himself. I love hearing what Drake has to say just as much as the next person, but because he's now the team's global ambassador, he's no longer just a fan, and as MTV reports, his pitch to Durant violates league rules. Oops.

Oh, Drake... You meant well.

This wouldn't be the first time something Drake said got him in trouble. Remember when Rolling Stone didn't put him on the cover and he ranted about it on Twitter? Thankfully, he got back on everyone's good side with a sort of nice apology. Just like in that situation, he only has to do or say something to right his wrongs and it'll be back to the usual Raptors/Drake lovefest. Other than paying the $25,000 fine and making sure to read his ambassador rule handbook more thoroughly to avoid future mishaps, there are a few ways Drizzy can make it up to the league and the Raptors.

1. Coach an entire game

But this will only work if he agrees to use something other than impromptu performances to motivate the team.

2. Participate in a halftime dunk contest. Has anyone ever seen Drake play basketball?

That's okay. He still has time to brush up on his skills.

3. Lint-roll the entire team's uniforms

As Drake demonstrated, this is only effective if he does it during the game.

4. Write an emo apology song that explains his deep love for the Raptors

5. And of course, perform said song during a game that's not the one he coaches (see No.1)

Yes, Drake, with moves like that, the Raptors will forgive you in no time.

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