Nas' Time is Illmatic Tour Combines Film With Music For Those Who Can't Choose What to Do

Dinner and a movie always makes for a nice combo, but how about a movie and a concert? Or does that sound like too much fun in one night? If you think so, perhaps mentioning the name Nas might change your mind. Continuing to tread new ground, Nas just announced his Time is Illmatic tour which will combine both music and film. According to Complex, before every show viewers, will be treated to a screening of the rapper's Time is Illmatic film that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. This should make them all the more excited to listen to his entire Illmatic album afterwards.

The 14-city tour will take place in October and the documentary will make its Tribeca Film debut in New York on Oct. 1, with a subsequent iTunes debut on Oct. 3. With this tour announcement, Nas becoming the first rapper to appear on PBS' Finding Your Roots and heading up his own record label, it's fair to say that Nas is absolutely having the best year ever. The idea of incorporating the Illmatic film and his classic debut album into one tour is an ingenious one, and serves as a creative way for an artist like Nas to maintain his longevity and compete in a market where newer is typically regarded as better.

Molly Riley/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With that in mind, Nas' latest move might be something newer artists should consider simply because the film adds depth to his music and makes people appreciate it even more. Not only can this explain why it was such a success at Sundance, but it also may be the reason why rappers like Kendrick Lamar are combining their music and film in one package. Lamar recently announced m.a.a.d ., a 14-minute short film inspired by his 2012 album, which debuted at Sundance’s Next fest. Plus, there's Kid Cudi, who's merging his musical talents with the film industry by scoring his first film. It's been 20 years since Illmatic began to make its mark on the industry, but the way Nas continues to reinvent and revive it is a clever way of making time stand still.