Kim Kardashian Defends iPhone Game & What She Says Makes a Lot of Sense — VIDEO

First off: Is the world ready for another Kanye West/Kim Kardashian offspring? Can it handle that much swag? I hope so, because apparently, Kim Kardashian is ready for another baby. Kardashian revealed the news to Today host Matt Lauer during an appearance on the show that seemingly just promoted everything she's been doing in the past year, including the success of her strangely addictive iPhone game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood as well as the upcoming release of her selfie book Selfish that is, literally, just a book of every selfie she's ever taken. Matt Lauer looked so sad.

But first, that baby...

I mean, I grew up with siblings, if I could just snap my fingers and have four, I would have four, but I do realize I'm gonna have to go through the pregnancy again. Which, mine was a really [difficult pregnancy...Of course I want to have another child, I would love two more, but we'll see — I'm gonna have one more and see what it's like.

So, basically, confirmation that Kardashian and husband Yeezy are going to have another kid at some point. I'm sure that her second pregnancy will ensure Keeping Up with the Kardashians is never short on plotlines for at least the next few years.

Next, onto her comments about the app: When Lauer asked her what she thinks about criticisms its received (mainly that it promotes vapid behavior and problematic ways of thinking about how a celebrity moves up in Hollywood), Kardashian countered by saying it's just entertainment. Of the criticisms that users have to spend real cash to move up in the game and that it may be detrimental to be so obsessed with a game, she added: "It’s just a fun little game, kind of like when people get into Candy Crush so much. Like, is it good to be obsessed with Candy? It’s just something fun to do. All games, I think, are just entertaining."

Then, for cases where younger kids might rack up too big a bill on their parents' credit cards: "I think you just have to be responsible, and don’t have your credit card linked to where your kid can just spend if they want to, or ask permission."

I'm sure she's entertained with the $200 million it made as well. But real talk: What she says does make sense, in a business-y way. Kardashian, no matter how you spin it, is in the business of making money, and she does it extremely well. People will play the game no matter what, and it's not her responsibility to ensure everyone puts parental blocks on their accounts if it's necessary — that burden falls on those who are downloading the game.

Check a clip of the interview below.