In Other News, August 13, 2013: Testicle Munching, Jetpacks, And Ryan Gosling

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We all know Glenn Greenwald was the journo behind Snowden's NSA story — but it turns out that Greenwald had a bit of help. Initially, Snowden got in touch with filmmaker Laura Poitras over a series of months, who put him in touch with Greenward.

It emerges that in spite of repeated denials, the CIA has been keeping a firm eye on prominent thinker Noem Chomsky. For years and years.

A personal jetpack in Australia, designed for use by "ordinary people," has been awarded a flying permit.

Large-scale research has discovered that men with more female co-workers are way more chores around the house.

The iconic New York skyline is changing. Because H&M has spent millions building a giant (and we mean giant) logo in Times Square.

Apparently Twitter can now predict elections with Nate Silver-esque precision. So now we'll know whether Hillary wins before Hillary does. (Maybe.)

During a shooting class in Ohio, an instructor shot a student in the arm. Yup, that happened.

A fish that loves munching on testicles has been found in Denmark. Again, really.

This Chrome extension changes every image in your browser to Ryan Gosling. So Mashable becomes:

The entire history of the world can be distilled into this 1931 chart. It's far, far too large to show here, but you can take a deep breath and have a look here.

You can get this gorgeous new curved television in your home... for a casual $9,000.

This kid celebrated his bar mitzvah with a real song and dance. Literally:

Elixir Entertainment on YouTube

And finally, from the White House. Yes, the White House.