Don't Piss Off A 'TVD' Fan

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Vampires are still having their moment in Hollywood. Sure, True Blood's final season is upon us and Twilight premiered its fourth and final film three years ago, but The CW's The Vampire Diaries is still going strong. And so is it's enormous, loyal fandom — considering we've spent the past few months obsessing and simultaneously crying over Damon Salvatore's death in the Season 5 finale. Some TVD fans are so devoted they are even trying to make the Mystic Grill a real-life restaurant. Vampire overload might be ending, but TVD is forever.

And, as TVD super-fans, we reserve the right to complain, trash-talk, and subtweet all we want about The CW's vampire drama because we're also the first to admit that showrunner Julie Plec is a frustrating woman. And that it's wildly ridiculous how many times Jeremy Gilbert's been killed and resurrected on the show. (We're rational beings, OK?) It's just really NOT okay when non-fans try to come along and put their two cents into the conversation about whether or not Elena should end up with Stefan or Damon or neither or to tell us to stop crying over Damon's death (#RIP #NEVERFORGET) because he'll obviously come back. You know nothing about our pain, so again, if you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself.

With that being said, here are seven things that you should never say to the Vampire Diaries fan in your life. Mostly because we DGAF about your opinion, but also because we can't be bothered to explain why we care because we're already too busy discussing how Damon will come back to life.

"Vampires are so over."

Really? You think so? Well, you're wrong.

"Why are you sad about Damon dying? Everyone on that show always comes back to life."

If I kill you, will you come back to life? If Elena Gilbert sob-cries, I sob-cry. And even though we all know that Ian Somerhalder is on contract for TVD Season 6, that doesn't make it any less difficult to see him die. He loves Elena, Elena loves him, their love has been the basis of this show for like, three years. Back off.

"How many times has Jeremy Gilbert died?"

If you must know, Jeremy's died 5 times. And that's all I have to say about it.

"So, it's a True Blood knock-off."

Really? Are you asking that because they're both based off of book series, both feature vampires, and both play relationship musical chairs? It can't be a knock-off if it's based off of different source material. Bye, hater.

"The acting on that show is terrible."

Have you even seen this show? Nina Dobrev has been playing two different characters for the past three seasons and in Season 5, she played THREE different characters in one scene. Just stop talking, please. You know nothing.

"Do they shine like diamonds in the sun?"

That was Twilight — if you're going to ask me questions about vampires, at least get your facts straight. And if you're just trolling me, no, they don't shine like diamonds because this isn't a Rihanna song.

"Delena" or "Stelena" or "Steroline."

This is a subject to avoid entirely. TVD's fans are all about their 'ships and if you're on the wrong side or dare to say that 'shipping TV couples is stupid and pointless, prepare to get your heart ripped out. #sorrynotsorry

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