Kim Kardashian iPhone Game Meets 'Mean Girls' In These Grool Mashups — PHOTOS

There are a number of nods to Kim Kardashian’s real life and her reality show sprinkled throughout the dialogue of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (the "Todd Craines" name drop will forever remain close to my heart), but the addictive iPhone game also references a beloved movie: Mean Girls. Awesome, right? Well, that isn't the end of the KK:H/MG fun: Some fans were inspired—be it by the references to the movie in the game or by Willow Pape being a bonafide mean girl—to bring Mean Girls and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood together. Yes, there are Kim Kardashian: Hollywood/Mean Girls memes. And they are aces.

In what way is Mean Girls a part of the iPhone game? Willow Pape, aka everyone’s favorite character to shake their balled-up fists at, fires off a few quotes inspired by the 2004 comedy. And as much as I like to chuck side-eye after side-eye at The Pape (and as much as I like to laugh at the The Pape for thinking she could make "fetch" happen), I must say I appreciate her great taste in cinema.

No, she has not not-refuted a claim that she made out with a hot dog. No, I have not yet learned whether her hair has achieved its volume because it's full of secrets or if it's just boosted by a Bumpit. And no, I have not yet read her utter the word "grool." So, which Mean Girls lines did make it into the game? Here's what I've found so far:

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

I mean, we all know that one.

Another Mean Girls-y line from The Pape:

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

That one is a hybrid of:


If The Pape doesn't say "Boo, you whore" to my avatar at any point in the game, I will be sorely disappointed.

Ugh, these KK:H/MG memes are a treat: