'Sharknado 3' Location Could Be a Very Patriotic City & That Wouldn't Be a Bad Idea

Fans of Sharknado are growing by the day, and since it seems that plans for Sharknado 3 are already in the works for 2015, you can bet that they want a little more control over the next movie. One woman, Allison Cunningham, has already started a campaign to bring Sharknado 3 to Washington D.C. because New York City and Los Angeles shouldn’t get all the fun.

Cunningham, who even created a pun-tastic title for the upcoming SyFy film, Sharknado 3: Fin-Dependence Day, has not only received my highest praise but has also already received 40 of the 60 signatures she needs.

“DC is a city that deserves to be pounded relentlessly by an inexplicable tornado filled with sharks,” Cunningham writes. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask yourself what you can do to make sharks pummel our nation’s capital. Four score and seven years ago, our nation rose together to overcome the greatest Sharknado known to man.”

Living semi-close to D.C., my dream (as of today) is that Cunningham’s wish is fulfilled and that she even receives a part as a hero in the movie. Because she’s my hero.

As word of Cunningham’s petition travels through the nation — because we all know it will — I can only imagine what President Obama will say to this. Though he doesn’t have to fear for his safety since sharknados aren’t real (yet), I’m really hoping that he has a chance to be in the movie.

I’m already picturing it now: After killing a shark with a chainsaw — everyone’s sharknado weapon of choice! — Barack and Michelle Obama appear through the fog with the American flag waving behind them. Pretty deep stuff. If the creators of Sharknado need me for their creative team, I’m waiting by the phone.

With the impressive number of viewers that tuned in for Sharknado 2 recently, there’s no doubt that millions more will start preparing themselves for a sharknado to hit the nation’s capital. And I will be one of those people.

Image: Syfy