How To Dress Like Zankie for Halloween

On Big Brother season 16, so far there's been a showmance, a no-mance, and a would-you-kiss-already-mance. Nicole's showmance with Hayden was cut tragically short when the house guests evicted Hayden on double eviction night, Caleb's no-mance with Amber was thankfully cut short when Amber was evicted from the house, and Zach and Frankie, better known as Zankie, are still adorable and handsy without actually being a couple. Frankie might be into it, but Zach still identifies as heterosexual, so it seems like we're just going to have to watch these two get as close as it's possible for two people to be, and flirt as hard as it's possible for two people to flirt, without ever actually being a couple. However, even after Zach or Frankie or both get evicted from the house, there's a way that we can honor the not-quite-showmance that has captured our hearts and imaginations.

Halloween is still a few months away, but Zach and Frankie might quite possibly be the easiest house guests to dress up as for the holiday. After all, both Zach and Frankie have a tendency to wear some very bright, very obnoxious, very neon clothes and they both have at least one distinctive accessory that will make them easy to recognize. So if you're looking for costume ideas and want to get started immediately, here's how to dress up like Zankie for Halloween.

1. Pink Tipped Hairstyle

Nothing made Frankie stand out faster — other than being Ariana Grande's brother — than his pink-tipped hair. In fact, it was one of the first things that he and fellow house guest Joey bonded over. Frankie's hairstyle is actually three-tiered, with his naturally dark hair on the bottom, blond on top, and pink in the center, so it's pretty unique and the quickest way to let other Big Brother lovers know you're dressed up as Frankie.

2. University of Florida Gator Shirt

Zach cycles through a lot of shirts (or lack there of) but none is more distinctive than his blue University of Florida Gators t-shirt. You see, Zach is a proud University of Florida graduate who shows it off with this shirt and with Zach's habit of doing the Gator Chomp during eviction ceremonies. If you want to clue people outside of Florida in to the fact that you're dressed up as him, you'll definitely need to be wearing this shirt.

3. Pink/Blue Hats

It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that Zach and Frankie are prone to rocking matching headgear. Zach has a signature pink hat that actually belongs to Victoria and Frankie often dresses to match with a blue hat of his own. Your Zankie costume won't be complete if you don't have these hats at the ready.

4. The Neon Jacket

Maybe it's just because it's my favorite piece in Frankie's closet, but his sleeveless hoodie with the highlighter yellow pocket and the pink hood is very distinctive and it matches his hair. Between the hair, the hat, and this hoodie, you'll be going Grande or going home.

5. PDA

All right, so getting handsy with each other isn't a fashion accessory. But no one is going to realize you're dressed as Zach and Frankie if you spend your whole night at opposite ends of the party, okay? You need to be all over each other all the time for your costumes to have the maximum effect.

Image: CBS