Neil Patrick Harris Pulls Beyonce Move & Instagrams Happy Family Amidst Break-Up Rumors

Taking a page out of Beyoncé's book, Neil Patrick Harris took to Instagram to dispel rumors that he and David Burtka were on the outs. "I couldn't be more in love with my family," the father of two captioned the photo of his partner and their kids, who are all smiling charmingly at the camera. It's a social media move straight from Beyoncé, who has employed the tactic a few times in recent weeks as speculation mounts that she and husband Jay Z are getting a divorce.

Perhaps the idea didn't originate from Bey herself, but there's no denying she's basically taken over it. There was the time shortly after Elevatorgate when she posted a picture of Solange chilling with her family, all of whom seemed in good spirits. Then there have been several instances where she's posted pictures of Jay Z amid rumors that he's cheated on her. But Beyoncé's pictures seem to imply that the couple is all good. One picture features her husband holding Blue Ivy, while another features him kissing her during a concert. It's the ultimate "F*** you" to the media when you can post a single picture and dispel tabloid gossip.

Now Neil Patrick Harris is following in Queen Bey's footsteps with a rumor hijacking of his own. To be honest, I hadn't even heard they were rumored to be breaking up, but after seeing their Instagram pic, I know it must be false. NPH and David Burtka are one of the most adorable couples out there. There's no way they could be splitting up.

In fact, I'm pretty sure science says that if two power couples split in the same time period the earth explodes. There is no way we're losing Jay and Bey and NPH and Burtka. And Instagram is our proof:

Images: instagranph, beyonce/Instagram