They're Trying Too Hard To Make Us Forget

It's been a week since the infamous Jay Z/Solange Knowles elevator fight, and I imagine it's been a busy seven days for the two families who have thrown everything they could at us to try to make it all go away. Most of the Knowles/Carter damage control has come in the form of inundating the Internet with happy photos of their fam, and that continued Monday, when Beyonce shared a family photo of her, Jay Z, and Solange all smiling in the same picture.

The Knowles sisters have been using pictures all week to try to show the public they are so over that elevator thing. First Beyonce posted four old photos of her and Solange to show us that they're happy sisters. Then Solange sent out her own Throwback Thursday featuring herself and baby Bey. Not to be outdone, Beyonce then posted a recent photo of the smiling sisters, with the caption "New Orleans May 17th 2014" to prove that it was taken was after Solange viciously attacked her husband.

But if that wasn't enough photographic proof for you, Beyonce has posted a few more shots from that day on her website, and this time her hubby appears in the same shot as Solange and all of them are actually grinning.

We get that Queen B is eager to show that no harm has been done to her family, but we have to wonder why she's shoving all this down our throats three days after their statement told us they have moved on.

If they really have moved on, then why are they trying so hard to prove that they're all good? These pictures look more like an act of desperation than a celebration of a joyful family. Maybe Bey and Solange should put down the cameras for awhile and just enjoy being with that family that is, apparently, happy as can be again.

Image: Beyonce.com