Even Husbands Are Fighting in the 'RHOC' Finale

After weeks of boiling tension between new Real Housewives of Orange County stars Shannon and Heather over gossip, emails, visitor etiquette, and yelling, it finally seemed like they were about to get over it and reconcile in Bali. But just as they "cheers"-ed and got a little weepy, Heather threw out a last-second barb about David, Shannon's husband, making a lewd comment to her, and now David and Heather's husband, Terry, are throwing down about it in the finale dinner party. So now, in addition to the many inter-Housewife fights, we have a RHOC Husband vs. Husband brawl going on.

While at the Dubrow family's hoedown earlier this season, all of the ladies were riding a mechanical bull. You might remember that bull because it threw Tamra immediately, leading her to believe she broke her wrist for two seconds. When Heather went to mount the bull to take her turn, David, in the crowd, yelled "Spread those legs!" Obviously, that's in poor taste, and pretty cringeworthy considering Shannon and Heather had just barely met. Plus, no one even mentioned this at the time because of the whole RSVP-but-showing-up-late-gate that happened between Heather and Shannon. That kicked off a conflict that would span for the rest of the season, with David's off-color comment forgotten until now, months later.

But now that it's resurfaced, it's coming to a head at Vicki's dinner during the finale. While it's nice to have something else going on besides Vicki and Tamra arguing over Brooks again , it seems weird that this is coming up just after Heather and Shannon finally made peace. And it's not the ladies who are making this a big fight.

It's when Terry gets involved that things escalate. Just like when he started the fight in the middle of Lizzie's beach house dinner, he immediately calls out David for telling his wife to "spread her legs." Like Shannon did with Heather, David attempts to take responsibility and apologize for what he said, claiming that there's no good excuse for saying something inappropriate to an acquaintance like that.

But Terry goes on with his prepared digs, telling David:

You were either drunk. or stupid, or both for doing that, David. It's probably both. We have a term for you in medicine. It's called penis!

Wow, Terry, you really burned him with that one. Nice to see that his dad jokes extend to dad disses. If this comment was sooooo offensive that it makes David a total penis, it doesn't really make sense that Terry and Heather sat on it for so long without confronting David about it. He seems more than willing to apologize, but why bring it up now? I guess Mr. and Mrs. Fancypants will do just about anything to ruin a dinner party. Infinite eyerolls at those two.

Images: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo (2); Giphy