Sookie's In Some Serious Trouble, Y'all!

With only one episode left of the True Blood series, it should come as no surprise that everything is now centered around Sookie Stackhouse (because of course it is). And boy-oh-boy are things not looking good for this blonde little faerie. Not only is Bill still sticking to his whole I'm-not-going-to-cure-myself-because-I'm-no-good-for-you stance — basically tearing away any hopes fans had for a Sookie and Bill happy ending — but it looks like True Blood may actually end up killing Sookie after all, especially now that she's become the next target on Mr. Gus' hit list. And it's all thanks to… Eric Northman?

That's right, folks. Eric may actually end up being the cause of Sookie's demise. After playing relationship counselor to both Bill and Sookie — and giving Ginger the throne sex she's been so desperate for all these years (which was hilarious, by the way) — Eric goes down into the basement to find Pam's life in jeopardy once again. Apparently Mr. Gus got wind of the fact that Sookie now knows about Sarah Newlin being the Hep-V cure — knowledge that Eric had specifically promised to keep to himself. This put our Viking vampire in a very difficult position: he could either let Pam die and keep Sookie safe OR he could save his former protégé and rat out the woman he still clearly loves. It's like the vampire version of Sophie's Choice.

And while Eric's proven in the past, several times, how much he values Pam's life, even above his own, I really thought he was going to side with Sookie on this one. But just as the stake is about to be dropped onto Pam's heart, forcing her to meet the True Death, Eric makes his decision. He chooses Pam, fully admitting that Sookie knows all about the cure. Of course, this then prompts Mr. Gus to ask the next logical question: Where does Miss Stackhouse live?

Bottom line — Sookie's about to get some very unwelcome company. And with only Bill (who's practically on his deathbed) as her possible protector, it looks like Sookie's going to have to rely on those faerie powers of hers if she hopes to get out of this mess alive.

God (or Billith?) speed, Sookie. We'll see you at the finale.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO; gifavs.com