The Hep-V Cure Is Sarah Newlin's Blood, But Who Will Reap the Benefits?

And the surprises just keep on coming! True Blood recently threw a shocking twist into its final season by revealing that Bill has been infected by the Hep-V virus, officially hammering the final nail in Sookie’s very grave love life. (First Eric and now Bill? What’s a poor faerie to do?!) And while it’s now been established just how Bill contracted the Hep-V virus in the first place (surprise, surprise: it was all Sookie’s fault), all hope is not lost after all. That’s right, folks — there’s a cure for Hep-V out there, but it doesn’t reside in dear Sookie Stackhouse’s blood, but rather in the blood of Sarah Newlin herself.

Remember when Sarah was running for her life back in the vampire prison camp? Well, apparently when she wasn’t busy brutally slamming high heels into the faces of others, she was ingesting a little life insurance policy by drinking the entire Hep-V antidote. (She explained all of this to her Hep-V infected sister, Amber, right before offering up her magical, healing blood.)

It’s a genius move, really. Just when we were all scratching our heads, wondering why the hell True Blood felt the need to keep this character alive, the writers pull this one out of their hats. And it’s an absolutely brilliant concept because this changes everything. This woman now holds the entire future of the vampire race in her bloodstream and as much as Eric wants to avenge Nora’s death, there’s no way he’d sacrifice the entire vampire race to do it… or at least I hope he wouldn’t. And it's safe to assume the Tru Blood company would like to rectify its honor by producing the product that could help heal all of their formerly paying customers.

Now the only question that remains is — who will get to reap the benefits of this newfound cure? Ideally, Eric will find a way to get his hands on some of that blood because who doesn't want this sticking around for all eternity?

But Bill seems to be in the most critical condition since his particular virus is growing at a very rapid pace for some reason (which is also probably Sookie's fault). Perhaps this means that the cure won't actually work on him? How much of Sarah's blood has to be consumed in order for a vampire to be cured? Can they simply take a drop of her blood and mass produce it somehow? Because, if that's the case, her life has seriously decreased in value, especially if whoever gets cured can also now cure others once they have her blood running through their veins. All of these details still need to be figured, but personally I just can't wait to see the look on Eric's face when he realizes his life rests in his enemy's manicured hands.

Sometimes life really is a bitch.

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO; tvhousehusband/Tumblr; Wifflegif