Does Eric Still Love Sookie? ‘True Blood’ Sure Wants Us To Think So

It’s been a particularly rough season in the undead life of Eric Northman. Throughout these past few months fans have watched in horror as True Blood's beloved, badass, thousand-year-old vampire transformed into a weak, veiny, and, dare I say, fully clothed version of his former self. (Seriously, I still have nightmares about those high-collar shirts, you guys.) But now that Eric’s cured and completely Hep-V free, it’s time to start focusing on other important matters: like an inevitable Eric and Sookie hook-up. And yes, I still believe it’s inevitable. Despite Bill and Sookie’s recently rekindled romance, I’m convinced now more than ever that Eric and Sookie’s relationship will also get the chance to have its day in the sun… figuratively, of course. Why? Because Eric is clearly still in love with Sookie.

I mean, this really isn’t exactly breaking news, right? This gorgeous Viking has always made his feelings for Bon Temps’ blonde waitress pretty well known. Eric is good at many, many things, but subtlety is not one of them. The longing looks… the deep-throated groans — oh yeah, he totally wants to get all up in her faerie business. But this is more than just a physical attraction. It always has been. Ever since she walked into Fangtasia for the first time, he was drawn to her and that magnetic pull has only grown stronger with time.

Just look at everything he’s done for her during this season alone. Though he used visiting Willa as an excuse, we all know the real reason Eric returned to Bon Temps earlier this season was so that he could see Sookie one last time before he died. The way he held and comforted her in Bill's study wasn't about being sexual in any way (though you could tell he still thought of her in that way). The moment was about being there for Sookie on an emotional level, transferring some of her burden onto himself. Even the tender way he twirled her hair implies just how much she still means to him.

Then there's the fact that he delayed his revenge plans to assist in Arlene, Holly, and Nicole's rescue mission from the H-vamps. Did he really know any of these women? No. But he knew they meant a great deal to Sookie, which indicates his willingness to put her needs above his own. And when Eric was finally cured, who was the first person he went to see? Sookie. Besides Pam, she's the most important woman in his life and he wanted her to know that he'll be sticking around. Unfortunately, her joy for his well-being was slightly overshadowed by her crippling fear of Bill's pending death. But when Eric saw how upset she was, he promised to help, risking his newly-saved life in order to get Bill the cure.

This isn't because he cares so much about Bill (at least not to the level of sacrificing himself); it's because he cares so much about Sookie and her happiness. Letting Bill die would've cleared the way for him to win Sookie back without any competition. But he took the high road… for her. If that's not a sign of true love, then I don't know what is. And let's face it, Eric isn't the type of guy who goes around saying "I love you" all the time. When he says it, he means it for keeps.

So does Eric still love Sookie? I am (AB) positive that he does. As for if those feelings are reciprocated… well, we'll find out soon enough. But given that Bill is stupidly refusing to take the cure for some reason, I'm hopeful in thinking that all signs point to yes.

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