A Look at Celebs' Post-Ice Bucket Challenge Hair

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

By now your Facebook newsfeed is most definitely blowing up with videos of high school friends you haven't spoken to in six years participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS. But that girl from sophomore year math class isn't the only one using cold water for a good cause — plenty of your favorite celebrities are executing the ice bucket challenge and sharing wildly entertaining videos on social media.

Lena Dunham recently posted an Ice Bucket Challenge video on Instagram, prompting People magazine to point out that her new blonde bowl cut stayed perfectly in place in the aftermath. Which got me thinking — how do other celeb hairstyles hold up post-ice bucket? Obviously, the challenge isn't about style, but it does offer us a rare opportunity to see our favorite superstars with their guards let down (and their hair soaking wet).

In the interest of Serious Journalism (aka hilarious hijinks) I've rounded up the best and worst celebrity post-ice bucket hair. "Best" is synonymous with how intact the style remains (think Dunham-esque). "Worst" essentially equals "funniest" and, really, what's better than a few laughs when they benefit a great cause? Not much, in my opinion. Now, who wants to see a bunch of celebrities get soaking wet in the name of charity? Let's get to it!


Lena Dunham

Dunham's Sia-style hairdo barely looks wet!

Jennifer Lopez

The top-knot was a smart move.

Cara Delevingne

Because obviously. "Douse me, bitches!"

Justin Bieber

The Ice Bucket Challenge gave Bieber back the hair-in-front-of-eyes style that he popularized in his early days of fame.

And now for the worst:

Conan O'Brien

Flat in front and sticking out at the ears. Good thing Conan is adorable even with bad hair.


Curls don't look so hot when damp (I should know).

Lady Gaga

To be fair, her super tight bun wasn't the best pre-ice clinging to her head either.

Weird Al

When only half your hair gets wet you know you're in trouble!

Image: lenadunham/Instagram