Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Love From BFF Jessica Seinfeld — Anyone Else Find the Timing Strange?

Timing is everything, and the timing of Jessica Seinfeld's gushy Gwyneth Paltrow Instagram post is a little bit fishy, if you ask me. Not long after news of Chris Martin dating Jennifer Lawrence (maybe) broke, Jerry Seinfeld's wife posted a photo of she and Paltrow to Instagram (they're buds), along with a seriously over-the-top caption about what an amazing, "deeply and intensely loved" person Paltrow is. It's all very sweet and I don't doubt that Seinfeld meant it, but it's a little odd that this post went up right after we found out about Lawrence and Martin (maybe) becoming an item.

Do I think Paltrow instructed Seinfeld to pen a 'gram in homage to herself? Nah. But maybe, just maybe, Seinfeld saw how the news of Paltrow's ex dating someone new was affecting her, so she decided to do her a solid — bear in mind, this is all complete speculation; I'm not in Paltrow's inner circle, regardless of how much I'd like to be.

Hopefully, Paltrow isn't feeling too down about Martin moving on, as she has a zillion and one things to be grateful for in her life —including the hot new dude she's rumored to be dating, Glee creator, Brad Falchuk.

And, hey, if Seinfeld simply just got the urge to post something super sweet about her bestie on social media for all to see — and it had nothing to do with anyone else — egg on my face.

But still. It's a little fishy.

Image: Jessica Seinfeld/Instagram