He Left This Touching Message

Here's a tearjerker for you, so grab some tissues. Before he passed away, Robin Williams recording a touching, inspirational message to a 21-year-old woman who was terminally ill. Meeting Williams was on her bucket list, so Williams recorded a video for her so that her wish could be fulfilled as closely as possible. The video is tough to watch, in part because Williams is so connected to a message he's sending to someone who he's never actually met, and also in part because when you watch this, you have the prescience and knowledge that just a few months after he would record this video, Robin Williams would commit suicide.

New Zealand's Sunday-Star Times unearthed this, as Vivian Waller, the twenty-one-year-old who received this message from Williams, is a New Zealand native. She had been suffering with multiple forms of cancer; she was fighting off the disease in her lung, bowel, and her liver, with which she had been diagnosed back in January. After she been diagnosed, The Sunday-Star Times reports that she created a bucket list, which included meeting Williams, amongst other things, such as celebrating her 21st birthday, getting married, and seeing her daughter turn on year old. One of Waller's friends reached out to Williams, who kindly obliged.

The message is filled with hope, and Williams sends love in Waller's direction. It's incredibly heartbreaking to watch Williams send strength to someone who is incredibly weak, and who may not be able to live. However, Waller is currently still surviving

You can watch the video below. It's evident that Williams was able to inject hope and joy into other people, making his suicide all the more tragic.