Michelle Money is Saved at the Last Minute on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

In a truly shocking Bachelor in Paradise twist, Chris Bukowski sent himself home with Elise Mosca by his side. But the odd ending allowed Michelle Money to get her second, second chance at love. After injuring his knee, Chris decided life on the island was literally too painful but with his nurse Elise coming back to Chicago with him, that left his rose up for grabs and one lady desperate to have it.

Michelle Money had some bad luck when Marquel Martin showed a not-so-nice side of himself and basically called her a drunk. Then he chose Jackie Parr over Michelle at the rose ceremony and she all but had to say goodbye to her chance at finding love. But then Chris came to her rescue. In an unusual (for him) good-guy move he recognized her desire to stay in the game for those elusive "right reasons."

Michelle was basically catatonic with joy taking that flower from Chris' hand. She had just gotten done crying over the fact that she just wants a relationship like what Lacy and Marcus have and now she has a chance to stick around and maybe finally find that for herself.

Next week two new guys will hit the beach and hopefully one of them will hit it off with Michelle, because it probably is her turn to find love. Her first stint on The Bachelor was four seasons ago, and she didn't find her soul mate there or on Bachelor Pad. Maybe with Chris' mercy save, next week will be her winning week and she'll hit the love goldmine. I hope for her sake she does, because it's clear that she really wants it.

Image: realitytrainwreck