Are Chris & Elise Still Together After 'Bachelor in Paradise? They Certainly Matched Each Others' Crazy...

Last week made it seem like laid back Bachelor in Paradise castaways Elise Mosca and Dylan Petitt would be spending a lot of time together in the episodes going forward, as the cast starts to break off into couples. But Dylan immediately started getting antsy and said that he wanted to start seeing other people, so Elise took him at his word and hooked up with Chris Bukowski, and even gave him her rose (well, after Dylan rejected it). So Dylan headed home without a rose — by choice — leaving Chris with the consolation bud, but it looks like the last-minute-couple, Chris and Elise, are still together.

Back in June, Chris and Elise were photographed together in Chicago, Chris’ hometown. If you check out the pictures, you’ll see that they didn’t pack lightly, so could their relationship be serious enough to move in together? And with those tans, could they be just returning from Tulum? Bachelor in Paradise was filming around that time, so if Chris and Elise had stayed in Mexico together, it stands to reason they’d have made it to the finale. And while there's not exactly a prize for winning Bachelor in Paradise , all of the stars definitely seem like they want to stick around at any cost, even if it means faking a few flirty feelings while waiting for more contestants to arrive.

Chris has always been known as a player in the Bachelor-verse, but maybe he's finally found the girl he wants to settle down with, at least for the time being. Or… maybe he's finally found a girl naive enough to look past his checkered past. Or, maybe Elise is just as conniving as her man. Who knows? Both wanted to appear on the show, so they could be looking for love or just looking for a paycheck and some screen time. But let's be honest: Elise hasn't exactly shown the greatest judgement since she arrived.

Heels on sand? Really, girl?

Anyway, neither Chris nor Elise have hinted that they're still together online (the way Lacy Faddoul hints at her engagement with extremely obvious Instagram pics), but it does seem like Chris has mellowed out somewhat. Even with a choir of people calling him a player, Chris hasn't appeared let it bother him. He hasn't responded to haters with anything more defensive than "hmm" or "seriously?" when comments are whispered behind his back.

So it seems that Elise was able to move on from Dylan surprisingly quickly after the tense rose ceremony that sent him home. Elise's strange speech to the entire crowd about finding a guy who will give her 100 percent seemed ironic when she then picked Chris, known as one of the least trustworthy contestants in Bachelor/ette history. But she'll have the last laugh if she proves every Bach fan wrong and ends up taming him. And since the villian-seeking-redemption Ben wound up leaving the show because of his preexisting girlfriend, maybe Bachelor in Paradise will turn out to be someone else's redemption. And that someone just might be Chris Bukowski.

Images: Augustin Murillo/ABC; Bachelor in Paradise/Tumblr