She Opened Up About The Fight (No, Not That One)

Remember when Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber and pretty much everyone was lining up to either shake his hand or yell at him for missing? The altercation allegedly got physical when Bieber made a comment about Miranda Kerr, Bloom's ex-wife and one of the many models that Bieber has tried to start a flirtationship with. The dust has mostly settled from all of that, which occurred in late July, but while Bieber had a lot to say about it on Instagram, Bloom and Kerr didn't comment on the incident at all unless you count anonymous sources with inside information. Well, it appears that Kerr is finally breaking her silence about the fight — just not that fight. In an interview with Vogue, Kerr opened up about the James Packer fight from May, because Kerr's name has been connected to two sets of men fighting over her in 2014 alone. Not that this is surprising, considering how awesome she is.

Kerr's rumored ex-boyfriend, James Packer, got into a physical altercation with channel 9's David Gyngell and the word on the street at the time was that the fight had been over Kerr. "They weren't fighting over me," she said to Vogue. "I won't comment on other people's actions and decisions."

Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kerr also took the time to clarify that she and Packer were never a couple and she's currently enjoying the single life, but her commentary on that fight clears up why she's still keeping mum on the subject of Bloom and Bieber's fight. Sources might have reported that Kerr was embarrassed about it, but Kerr herself says that she refuses to comment on other people's actions and decisions. Bloom might have thrown a punch at Bieber for making vulgar remarks about Kerr, but Kerr was not present and it is not up to Kerr to condone or support his actions. At the end of the day, they had nothing to do with her at all; they were entirely Bloom and Bieber's choices.

Bloom and Kerr split up in October 2013 and since then they've been the poster children for amicable divorcees. They take their son, Flynn, on walks together, they FaceTime each other, and they speak of one another so fondly you would never think that they had split up at all. In a way, Kerr's silence could be considered a form of solidarity with Bloom, who has remained similarly silent on the subject and probably has no plans to change that any time soon. It happened, it's over, and all involved seem to have moved on.

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