Rihanna & Drake Would Never Work As a Couple

by Kenya Foy

Whenever Drake and Rihanna's paths cross, speculation on their alleged romantic involvement soars through the stratosphere and sends everyone scrambling to piece together clues that guarantee they are more than just friends. Sadly, for those who see wedding bells and musically-inclined Bajan/Canadian children in their future, the vibes I'm getting from the music gods tell me that the stars will never align in this couple's favor, at least not in a romantic way. Sure, there are rumors about Drake and Rihanna dating, and over the past few years they've embarked on what seems like an extended, club-hopping version of Rihanna's "777 World Tour." But the fact that Drake and Rihanna were spotted at an NYC club for the millionth time in history still doesn't mean they should collaborate on anything other than music and friendship.

Honestly, I really like both of them — just not as a couple. Drake's a talented rapper and singer who also makes for a really funny and charming awards show host. Rihanna's the new-aged Madonna and the poster child for IDGAF-ness. They might sound good together, but their individual awesomeness should remain separate. Here are five reasons why their union should be strictly reserved for music and clubbing purposes only:

They make sense together, but...

He's a rapper, she's a singer, they have a history, blah, blah, blah. But Rihanna's been there done that with the whole date a singer routine, and a romance with Drake seems too safe and cliché for a trend-setting wild child like Rihanna.

Rihanna just doesn't seem like the sensitive type

Her edgy attitude may not mesh well with Drake's softie side. There's the Rih Rih who breaks hearts while sobbing in a bathtub after a breakup, but then there's her bad gal side who doesn't give two shits about leaving the house with her boobs exposed and shamelessly indulges in public crotch-grabbing.

Their zodiac signs are supposedly romantically compatible, but...

...I'm not buying it. If they do try it, I fully expect them to join the ranks of other doomed celebrity Scorpio-Pisces couples, like Ciara and Bow Wow, and Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

Their sports interests conflict

Drake is busy causing trouble with the NBA, while Rihanna has her sights set on buying a soccer team.

There's bound to be an entire Drake album dedicated to their inevitable breakup

Frankly, I doubt Rihanna would appreciate this gesture.

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