Tom Might Be Jealous of Benedict's New Role

It's true that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to make the perfect Shere Khan, but his Jungle Book: Origins casting might also make his buddy Tom Hiddleston jealous. The two kings of Tumblr have been friends since appearing in War Horse together in 2011, and Hiddleston even recently nominated Cumberbatch for the Ice Bucket Challenge. But Cumberbatch being cast as the villainous tiger might make Hiddleston a little upset.

After all, Jungle Book: Origins is the second Jungle Book adaptation that Hiddleston has been passed over for. (Disney is doing their own remake, while Warner Bros. is doing the Origins spin off.) So poor Hiddleston just has to watch from the sidelines while his friend is cast in the major role.

This is significant because The Jungle Book is Hiddleston's favorite movie. Last May, when asked which film had inspired him the most, Hiddleston answered in a heartbeat that it was the 1967 Disney classic. "Because it's perfect," Hiddleston said, grinning. "I love that film. When people come into my life and they haven't seen it, I have to sit down and watch it with them."

Then he collectively broke the interviewer's heart and the hearts of all his fans when he got a little misty-eyed and said, "One day I can't wait to show my kids that film."

Hiddleston takes his Jungle Book seriously, and has the score committed to memory, which made it very easy for him to belt out "Bare Necessities" at a charity gala last November.

See? He's not messing around. But there's still time for the film's crew to fix things and invite Hiddles on board. Honestly, I'm sure he would take on any role. He could voice the hypnotic snake:

Or the stoic Bagheera:

Or even the Beatles-inspired vultures:

But even if Warner Bros. messes up and doesn't cast Hiddleston alongside Cumberbatch, maybe Disney will do the right thing in their remake and squeeze Hiddles in with the already-cast Idris Elba, Bill Murray, and more.

If anyone deserves to do The Jungle Book it's Tom Hiddleston, so let's make that happen, people.

Images: matafari, hello-mr-hiddleston/Tumblr; adreamaweek/Wordpress; gifsoup; unnecessarilysumie